About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a sophomore in college studying mass communication while exploring the eclectic city life of Asheville. She often dances in public places, and enjoys lengthy conversations about all kinds of topics. The internet is her godmother. She's also a pop culture junkie, cat lover and Ravenclaw. Offer her candy or pastries, and she'll be your best friend. Her geeky loves and knowledge range far and wide, including but not limited to Tolkien, Studio Ghibli, The X-Files, tea & sweets, A:TLA, Star Wars, any books she can get her hands on, feminism & amazing lady characters, and Jurassic World. She enjoys blogging for 5+ Charisma about books, geeky news and art, and also runs IggleWorms with her co-head Michelle. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @lizzieakalemon, or even follow her blog at quirkinessrequired.tumblr.com. Need to contact? Email her at ewalker1776@yahoo.com.