This is a special edition of Staff Picks! Normally we don’t do a theme for staff picks, but we’re not having our regularly scheduled Inside The Theme post this month due to a super special camp trivia, so we’ve decided to theme the Staff Picks along with IGGPPCamp! Read on to see what your IGGPPC Staff have chosen as their favorite or coveted things to pack along to camp this month!


Sumsy’s Pick: Mini Maglite [Metal Flashlight That Probably Doubles as a Weapon]

This is my camping MUST HAVE. When I worked as a counselor, I didn’t go very far without my flashlight, and this guy is my favorite. My personal one is 10 years old and still going strong. This flashlight has a super durable metal case and packs a large punch for being so small. The best part – it runs on two AA batteries. I hate flashlights that take like four Ds. I never have those lying around.


Jo’s Pick: CamelBak All Clear [Super Cool Water Bottle]

This has been on my wishlist for a while now. I love hiking and camping and being outdoors in general, but it’s hard to carry enough water (especially if you’re like me and drink more water than the average person, which also means you dehydrate faster, etc). How cool is it that they’ve created a water bottle with built in purifying technology? It won’t desalinate or anything fancy, but if you’re near a lake and need a safe drink, this is perfect!


Jen’s Pick: Bonfire Hoodie [Marshmallow Magnet]

Bonfires are one of my favourite things about camping. And as much as I love the smell of them, I’m not a fan of my clothing smelling like a bonfire the next day. I’m also prone to getting my clothing dirty from gooey marshmallows while sitting around a fire, so having a designated sweater would be perfect.


Rosa’s Pick: JimBob [Mascot/Prank Ninja]

So I’m pretty sure there are lots of more practical things to bring to camp, but I figure that as long as I have JimBob with me, no one will dare eat me. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. I bet JimBob is also a master prankster, and if we are all perfectly honest here, that stuff is way more important than access to food and water, right? (Can you tell I’ve never gone camping before?)


Toasty’s Pick: Pie Iron [Tool for Burning Things, Probably Herself]

I actually have one of these, but I haven’t gotten a chance to use it. It’s two cast iron pieces hooked to a poke that open in a clamshell fashion. You fill them with whatever you want to cook, like a sandwich or a pie, and you close it up and stick it in the fire until it’s cooked. I really need to just start a fire in my fire pit and make a s’mores pie in the thing. *drools* They’re fairly inexpensive and I got mine on amazon. You can pair it with a pie iron cookbook. There are many to choose from on amazon.


Val’s Pick: The Little Mermaid Linens [Bedding/Nostalgia Sheets]

These were my favorite linens as a kid, and you can bet that when I started going to summer camps they were what I brought to adorn my bunk! They were always great for starting up conversations with the other girls in my cabin. There’d always be at least one other person that had had them for their childhood too! I may be all grown up now with a queen bed at home, but I’ve kept all of my fun twin sheets, just in case.


Stewie’s Pick: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag [Fake Dead Thing]

It might not necessarily be the best of camp sleeping bags (even though it kept Luke warm in the freezing temps of Hoth!) and it certainly isn’t the most affordable, but we’re going to give this sleeping bag points for geeky creativity. And hey, maybe I could even use it at Space Camp! (trolololo)

So, campers, what are your tried and true, favorite things to bring along to camp? What have you been drooling over? Let us know in the comments!