Dear Iggles,

I know that it is perfectly fine to be incredibly emotional and to sob over fandoms and the like. However, I have often found myself watching and reading infamous tearjerker scenes (bad wolf bay, Toy Story 3, etc.) and getting teary eyed at most. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel a deep, hollow, sadness when my favorite character dies or the story ends. What I’d like to know is if I’m a bad, fake, or inferior fan if I don’t cry.

Feels about Feels

Dear FaF,

I promise: you are not bad, fake, or inferior in any way! Every person on this planet is different, & that extends to how you exhibit your emotions. You could be feeling deeper emotions than someone else, even if you have a straight face & the other person is sobbing their way through an entire box of facial tissues. Sometimes we even use fandoms as channels for for emotions we are feeling in other areas of our life– sometimes I don’t feel quite sad enough about my own problems to cry but I can release those pent up feelings by watching a favorite character be sad & being sad with them, but other days I can watch the most utterly sad things ever & be far more interested in my popcorn (mmmm, popcorn). Moreover, different people are going to enjoy different things for different reasons; some of us may embrace a book/movie/show/comic/etc for exploring deeper sadder issues, while others of us would really rather just stick with light & fluffy versions of entertainment. The bottom line is: love & let love! Be the best you that you can be, without comparing that to others. Thank you so much for writing to us!

Live long & prosper,

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