Hello again, dear friends, it’s once again time for your monthly dose of geeky art! Silly me, what with senior year of high school and everything, forgot ALL about this post (SO MUCH BUSY), so it will probably be a bit rushed. But…..IT’S STAR WARS! Star Wars is definitely one of my top fandoms; I can’t get enough of it. I love the over the top sense it gives off – the characters, the Force, just everything about it! And Han Solo and Princess Leia….their relationship is one of the best in the world of sci-fi. *gushes about them constantly and curls into ball* I’ve chosen ten pieces of adorable art, as usual, so let your eyes have a visual feast.Now, while I’m preoccupied with Han and Leia, let us travel to a galaxy far, far away…hopefully not into a trap.

1. Anakin and Obi-Wan Star Wars print by I Bet You Do

The original duo, in all their fancy Jedi robes. Obi-Wan will always be the best.

4 star wars anakin and obi ibetyoudo society6

2. I Love You/ I Know print by Concepcion Studios

Some of the best words ever spoken in film history. I think every geek aspires to have a romance like theirs.

4 star wars i love you i know concepcionstudios etsy


3. Pixel People A New Hope cross-stitch pattern by wee little stitchs

Even though this is technically not wall art, it has the potential to be. And cross-stitch is adorable. Cross-stitched Star Wars characters? Even better.

4 star wars pixel people wee little stitches etsy

4. Art Nouveau Princess Leia print by Caledonia Sky Art

Art noveau is splendid, and I’ve seen a lot of it lately, especially of geek characters. This is one of the best I’ve seen.

4 star wars leia caledoniaskyart etsy

5. Padme Waiting pop art print by Bergie

Another art form I love is pop art, and this print…..OMG. It’s too much greatness for my eyeballs.

4 star wars padme waiting bergie society6

6. Han Solo and Princess Leia original watercolor painting by idillard

Favorite couple, hands down.

4 star wars leia and han idillard etsy

7. Use the Force! Print by Lazy J Studios

I need this in my life, because, obviously, I’m a Jedi knight? Hello.

4 star wars use the force lazy j studios society6

8. Star Wars Post Stamps print by AnacondaOnline

Ah so cute! I love stamps, and Star Wars stamps? Even better. Now if only they were real.

4 star wars post stamps anacondaonline sciety6

9. Star Wars Minimalist Poster by handz

What I love about this one is how versatile it is. It doesn’t stand out as STAR WARS; it would blend in well with more traditional wall art.

4 star wars retro poster handz etsy

10. Star Wars Yoda Wisdom print by Woof World

Yoda. The chillest little green dude ever.

4 star wars yoda woofworld etsy

Thanks guys for reading, and I hope that October will be as great of a month for everyone as September was! It might actually be better, because: A. Finally some fall weather! B. Halloween! šŸ˜€ What are you guys doing for my favorite holiday? I would love to know. Stay safe, have fun, and cozy up in some autumn attire with the hot beverage of your choice! See you October 27. Hugs and best wishes,


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