So, I decided to switch things up this week, and bring back an old post of mine: Art Attack. (Here are links to two of my favorites,  Adventure Time and Star Wars). Back when IGGPPC Headquarters was still at the old website, I started off blogging with a monthly art series. Here was my mission statement from when I started in June (how time flies!):

” Basically, I’ll just pick a theme each month, centered around one of many different geek loves. Most of my art picks will also (hopefully) have links, so if you absolutely can’t get over the sheer wonder of that Harry Potter illustration or Doctor Who painting, you’ll be able to purchase it. My mission is to make your walls beautiful with all sorts of wonderful geeky art!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing The Treasure Box, and I’ll still be posting a round up of  the geeky news and tidbits we all love, I just wanted to do something a bit different, and thought that it would be fun to get back into this. After all, I  haven’t did a LOTR,  Star Trek, Harry Potter……okay, let’s just say there are many more fandoms I can draw inspiration from for this post.

For this one, though, I decided to do LOTR/Middle Earth. I’ve always loved Lord of the Rings, and with the second part of The Hobbit out this December, I thought it was appropriate. Let’s hop to it, shall we?


15 fellowship

1. The Fellowship of the Ring Poster by Watercolor Girl Art

One of  my favorite  parts of that movie, immortalized in poster form-very nice.

15 eowyn

2.  Eowyn with a Sword Print by The Illustrative Takeover

Eowyn will always be one of  my favorite characters- have you seen the part where she defeats the Witch King? Holy girl power, Batman.

15 You Shall Not Pass

3. You Cannot Pass by breathing2004

This artist has a bunch of different LOTR inspired art prints, but this was one of my favorites- this scene always makes me tear up a bit.

15 tree quote

4. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost by Soigne Calligraphy

I think this has been my favorite quote ever since I first heard it.

15 travel posters

5. Retro Middle Earth Travel Posters by Teacup Piranha

If you didn’t desire to travel to Middle Earth( um, have you seen the movies?), after seeing these beautiful posters, you definitely will.

15 merry and pippin

6. The Last March of the Ents by Jimbeanus

Merry and Pippin, aka one of the greatest best friend pairings in pop culture, in my humble opinion.

15 legolas

7. Legolas Minimalist Poster by Geek My Wall

He always was good with the bow.

15 doorstep

8. On the Doorstep Print by Chris Rahn Art

This is good enough art to actually be in one of the editions of The Hobbit- it reminds me of cover art on some fantasy novels I’ve seen.

15 tolkien

9. Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About by South of the Shire

Puns and Middle Earth? I’ll take it.

15 bilbo

10. Bilbo Baggins Art Print by Mike Robins

I think this pose truly fits Bilbo- ready to  help, but still scared witless nonetheless.

15 chibi

11. Hobbit  Postcard by ChihAriel

Sadly, this isn’t for sale, but it was too cute not too share.

I hope you enjoyed all the Middle Earth inspired art, and thanks for reading, you guys! I’ll post a super mega two week edition of The Treasure Box next week, to make up for not posting this week! Love to all my fellow Iggles,


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