Hello, hello, again, my fellow Iggles! Once again, it’s time for Art Attack: the resident column about wonderfully fabulous geeky art. I’ve chosen ten pieces of art, like always, that hopefully will get your hearts swelling and your fingers clicking to buy buy buy. For this month’s theme, I decided on Doctor Who! I chose the British TV show for three reasons: 1. I’ve been catching up on it again, and loving every second of it (I finally got to the 11th Doctor and I love him!), 2. I’ve seen a bunch of fellow Whovians on this here website, and 3. Peter Capelli was finally announced as the man who will take over the helm of the T.A.R.D.I.S. as the Twelfth Doctor after Matt Smith leaves. *cries* Even though I’m sad it’s 11’s time to go, I can’t wait to see how Capelli takes over as the one and only Doctor, and I feel he’ll do an excellent job. What are your personal opinions on the new doctor? I’d love to know! So, without further ado, allons-y!

1. Allons-y Doctor Who by Wicked Geeky Crafts

Doctor Who is known for it’s catchphrases. The 9th‘s was Fantastic!, the 11th’s Geronimo, and dear old 10’s was Allons-y. This piece is the perfect size, and the sparkly background adds a nice touch.

3 doctor who allons-y wickedgeekycrafts etsy

2. Amy Pond water color painting by Alimarko

I love the detail in this water color painting, and it shows a look of shock commonly found on dear Miss Pond’s face. Maybe of when she first hopped into the T.A.R.D.I.S.?

3 doctor who amy pond alimarko etsy

3. Big Bad Wolf by Karen Hallion

I love puns, and this print is pretty punny. Karen has a series of prints all with Disney princess/fairy tale characters being trailed by the T.A.R.D.I.S., go check them out on her Etsy page.

3 doctor who big bad wolf karen hallion etsy

4. Bigger on the Inside by The Gorgonist

This is probably the piece I love the most. Why? Everyone is together! I love the detail in this, and The Gorgonist has a great selection of other Doctor Who prints, with other geeky prints too. I actually found out about her from a post on Jen’s blog. 🙂

3 doctor who bigger on the inside thegorgonist etsy

5. Every Dalek Ever by PixelWho

Daleks are the Doctor’s greatest, and most well known enemy, so what’s better then having a poster of all of the Daleks? In 8 bit format, no less. Perfect present for a Whovian fan who likes their villains a bit more one eyed.

3 doctor who every dalek ever pixelwho etsy

6. Never Forget Your First by Luna’s Haven

This is another great and very unique piece of Doctor Who fan art. I adore how the blues look together, and it has all the Doctors! My first was the 9th, but I think the 10th will always be my favorite.

3 doctor who never forget your first lunashaven etsy

7. Roar of Our Stars by Alice X. Zhang

Alice is a phenomenal artist, one of my favorite artists online, and this is a beautiful picture of the 11th Doctor; the way she draws light makes it look as if there are actual stars bursting from the page. And it’s approved by Matt Smith himself!

3 doctor who roar of our stars alixe x zhang bbc store

8. The Tenth Doctor by Cody Vrosh

Is it just me, or does this painting make the Tenth Doctor look particularly dashing in a broody kind of way? Fine by me.

3 doctor who tenth doctor cody vrosh etsy

9. Doctor Who Van Gogh Starry Night by Bohemian Craftsody

One of my favorite paintings + T.A.R.D.I.S. + nod to a great episode = pure brilliance. I was kinda wishing the T.A.R.D.I.S. would actually be in this painting at the end of the Van Gogh episode.

3 doctor who van gogh starry night bohemiancraftsody etsy

10. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey by Feerie Doll

This is a stunning art nouveau piece, with pretty stars and one of the best phrases from Doctor Who.

3 doctor who wibbly wobbly timey wimey feeriedoll etsy

And that’s all, folks. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, and come back for next month’s theme, which will be particularly….space-y. And it might involve some star ships, a princess, and some random guys with sticks of light. Really cool sticks of light. Actually, someone should buy me one. Have a great rest of the month, guys! I’ll be going back to school Monday, so wish me luck!

hugs and best wishes,


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