Hello, hello! It is yet again time for the monthly Art Attack, where I will be showing off some lovely art, based on one geeky thing. Sadly, I ended up not having time to write last month’s post(I know, I know, I wish that I had more time), but I’m back this month, and with an awesome theme to make up for missing last month: the Avengers!! I’m sure most of you love these superheroes as much as me(I’m definitely a Marvel lady), and I figured this would be a good theme, what with Thor: The Dark World being released this month. It’s a pretty great movie, too; if you’re a Marvel/Avengers/Thor fan, check it out if you haven’t. I mean…..Loki? Hellllo. He has one scene that’s especially good….let’s just say, he teases Thor quite a bit haha. Now, to include all of these very handsome superheroes in some nice wall art…..don’t deny you want a painting of Iron Man or Captain America. I’m on to you.

5 avengers posters arad669 etsy

1. Marvel Avengers 4 Minimalist Poster Set by Cult Poster

Not one, not two, FOUR posters, of each Avenger. I would say that’s a pretty neat deal, and a pretty good bit of superhero.

5 avengers iron man kidmason etsy

2. Iron Man 3D Painting by KidMASON Designs

I really like the addition of an Iron Man figurine- and the colors stand out. The little touches help make this a great piece.

5 avengers hulk etsy

3. Incredible Hulk Melted Crayon Painting by Once Upon A Crayon

What I most enjoy about Bruce Banner’s story line is his constant fight to control the Hulk, but also himself. This painting shows both of those sides of Bruce.

5 avengers fresh doodle society6

4. Thor Art Print by Fresh Doodle

This artist has the edges of all of his work bleed out a bit, and it adds effect to Thor’s powers, as the god of thunder.

5 avengers loki brucelovesyou etsy

5. Loki I Do What I Want Poster by Bruce Loves You

Probably the most accurate description of Loki. Ever. But I still love him.

5 avengers captain america comic relieforginals etsy

6. Captain America 18×24 Giclee Print by Comic Relief Originals

If you’re a huge fan of original comics, or the look of them, this is the piece of art for you. Good ol’ Cap.

5 avengers tony and steve suppie society6

7. Tony and Steve by Suppie

The adorable in this print is just too much. Now, if only they actually had that much compassion for each other in the movies…

5 avengers black hawk ineverplan society6

8. Hawkeye & Black Widow Print by ineverplan

Ooh la la…this artist is obviously among the group who ship Black Widow and Hawkeye, and I can’t say I blame them. They would make the cutest couple.

5 avengers cats geekypet etsy

9. Cat Avengers Print by Geeky Pet

I saved the best for last, obviously. I mean, the Avengers as cats? What could possibly be better than that. I’m imagining Iron Man as the kinda frisky cat that is always doing little peevish things, Captain America as the kitty that is extremely cuddly and nice…

That is all of my art picks for today, my fellow Iggles, but, I’m curious; who is YOUR favorite Avenger? It’s a hard decision, isn’t it? After lots of thinking, mine would have to be Iron Man. I love his sense of humor, and his smart butt personality. Come back next month, because we’ll be taking an adventure….an adventure that contains hobbits, dragons, rings, and lovable old wizards. I’m sure you can’t guess the theme, can you? All you American readers, happy early Thanksgiving! I hope you spend quality time with family and friends and eat tons of yummy food. Hugs and best wishes,