Hello again, lovelies! It’s so nice to be writing again; I can’t believe how time flies. So, for a brief synopsis of what my blogging is about for new readers, it’s quite simple: I’m an art lover; any kind, shape, size, or color really. But, since this is, after all, International GEEK Girl Pen Pals Club, I blog about geeky art. Each month, I pick a theme; last month’s was Sailor Moon, and this month it’s Adventure Time! So, grab a friend and take a look at all of this absolutely mathematical art!

1. Adventure Time by CCheng – This print includes most all of the gang, but what I noticed the most was how creepy it makes them look! (Lady Rainicorn’s eyes…) I don’t know about you guys, but I like a bit of creepy, and this is the perfect balance between creepy and cute.

2 Adventure Time CCheng Society6


2. BMO by Charred Moon Studio – Look at the cuteness! And it’s a mini painting; even more cuteness! It’s just too much.

2 Adventure Time CharredMoonStudio BMO etsy

3. Adventure Time 2 by LaPendeja – This is possibly my favorite of all the art pieces. I love how the artist drew everybody, and I think it really fits the cute and light feeling the show has.

2 Adventure Time LaPendeja Society6

4. LSP by Lauren Draghetti – Oh my glob. This print fits LSP perfectly; and it has her trademark saying.

2 Adventure Time Lauren Draghetti Society6

5. Finn and Jake by Mallory Milke Art – Melted crayon art has become all the rage (I really want to try it), and I love it on this print of Finn and Jake. The artist actually has a whole series of Adventure Time melted crayon prints; check them out!

2 Adventure Time MayhemHere Jake and Finn etsy

6. Adventure Time: Ice King by Melissa Smith – With the cool added effects, it almost looks like he’s made of snow, which is quite fitting.

2 Adventure Time Melissa Smith Society6

7. BubblegumMarceline Print by OMOCAT – This artist is one of my favorites, and her other artwork is just as brilliant (anime! video games!). She often uses bright colors that make the prints pop out, and it all works quite nicely.

2 Adventure Time OMOCAT Etsy

8. Elements of Adventure by The Geekerie – This is just perfection on so many levels. I can’t even. <3 Click on the link for an even better, more detailed, view.

2 Adventure Time TheGeekerie Elements of Adventure etsy

9. “Suckin’ at Something…” by TheLittleArtistEvan – This is probably my favorite quote from the show. Jake always has the best advice.

2 Adventure Time TheLittleArtistEvan Suckin' etsy

10. Adventure Time – Fionna by Lightning Jinx – I just adore the color scheme and the swords in this one. And the kind of minimalist feel adds a nice touch.

2 AdventureTime LightningJinx Society6

11. Princess Bubblegum by Lauren Carney Art – I also love this artist’s work (so bright and pretty!), and I adore how she drew Bubblegum. The pink and purple prettiness is at an insane high in this drawing.

2 Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum dizzylittledotty Etsy

So, which one is your favorite? And any special requests for next month’s theme? That’s all for this month, my fellow Iggles! I hope July was everything you wished it to be, and August will be just as lovely for you! And don’t forget, my friends;

2 at k


All rights go to the wonderful artists who put their all into making these fantastic pieces of art. 🙂

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