You may love watching YouTube and you may think to yourself: ‘I want to do that…can I do that?’ Well I’m here today to help you figure out if you’re ready. Here are the questions you should be asking yourself before you start a YouTube channel.

Am I too young? Are you under 13 years of age? If the answer is yes then I’m sorry but you are too young to even have your own YouTube account let alone post videos. Hold tight. If you are at least 13 then you have met the minimum requirements of creating that account, congratulations, you still may not be ready though.

Why are you doing this? Okay so you’re the right age technically, but are you really ready for it? Well first ask yourself why you want to make videos. Do you have a passion you want to talk about? Are you interested in film making? Do you want to connect with people and make YouTube friends? As long as your reason  is not just to become famous and make lots of money, you should be fine. Also, if you want to make videos but you don’t know what you want to make videos about, make a few practice videos first. Try out different video styles, copy your favorite YouTubers, experiment with editing. Some ways will feel odd and some will feel natural. Find the video style you feel comfortable with and tweak it till it’s your own thing. Before you know it,  the perfect idea for your first YouTube video will be right in front of you.  As you go on, the more videos you make the easier it will be to settle into your own style and find your confidence.

Is this just a phase? Before you take the leap and register your user name and start pestering your friends and family to subscribe to your new channel, you have to know you’ll be dedicated. You can’t expect people (even your friends) to care if you only put up one video and then abandon your channel for months. Running your own YouTube channel is a lot of work. There’s pre-production (planning), filming the video, editing the video, and then uploading and promotion. In addition to all of that you should consider interacting with your audience on YouTube and other social media platforms. It’s a fun and rewarding hobby but without putting in the extra effort to stay consistent and care for your channel, you might be the only person watching.

What about the haters? It’s true that no matter your subscription count, you’ll eventually receive some nasty comments. If you don’t think you’re ready to read the occasional anonymous negative comment, then you might want to stop now. YouTube hate will happen, so you should know now not to listen to them and continue on with what you’re doing. Hate should not be confused, however, with well thought-out constructive criticism. That can sometimes be helpful when you’re looking for ways to improve your videos. Even then, you don’t have to listen to them. You just do it and have fun.

Okay, so you have your idea, you’re committed, and you are ready to rise above the haters.  Go for it! Grab a custom URL that’s relevant to you and your content, and here’s a tip: make it something easy to spell. If someone asks you what your channel is, you should be able to tell them without the worry they’ll get it wrong. (Mine is MagicCatJenny, pretty simple) Overall, good luck! I’ll be back next month with some tips for starting your channel. If you can’t wait till then, feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Jennifer Sargent

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