Howdy iggles! We’ve been very busy here, so here’s a new edition of staff picks covering April and May! Do any of these items tickle your fancy? Leave a comment to let us know if any of these picks really hit the spot for you, or what you would have chosen!

Pick: Breakfast Club POP! Funko Vinyl Figures [Toy]

The new Breakfast Club vinyl figures are here! New this year, POP! Funko has released 6 classic Breakfast Club characters as adorable vinyl toys. My favorite was always the Basket Case, but I always loved how all 5 of these students interacted with each other throughout the movie. Epic acting, and 80’s teen movie magic at its very finest. You can see the whole set here!

Pick: Author Strong [Podcast]

My friends Mat and Iggle Nancy started a podcast on the first of this month. It’s a daily podcast about how to get from the first page of writing your novel to becoming a published author. Mat is a published author and Nancy wants to become a published author. Mat mentors Nancy on the show and they interview other published authors and talk about how to succeed, especially if you want to self-publish. It’s a really inspirational and informative podcast and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in self publishing or becoming a published author! Give a listen here!

Pick: Rock On [iPhone App]

I really gotta stop fiddling with my phone in the middle of the night, because I keep finding apps that are so gosh darn addicting. This month I can’t put down Rock On, which was created by the developers of SongPop. You play by listening to clips of songs from various genres and identifying them (either by title or by band) as fast as you can. As you accumulate points you unlock levels and gameplay modes like Arcade and Sudden Death. This game scintillates my music nerd heart. Brb, gotta go work on Level 24: Rock Ballads!! Download it here!

Pick: Bitch Planet [Comic book]

Set in a not so distant future, Bitch Planet, is the planet for women who don’t comply with the world of men. Imagine it as a little bit like Orange is the New Black meets the Hunger Games set in space. This comic is only three issues in, so now is a great time to check it out! I’m so excited to see where this story and these characters are headed. I’m so noncompliant!

Pick: Animal Crossing: New Leaf [Video Game]

My character is currently wearing a Sailor outfit and a bear hat. What’s not to love about this game?! Since picking up this game I’ve become obsessed with it. I spend at least an hour a day buying and selling items in my town, landscaping, and making friends. I have to thank some of the iggppc staff for recommending this game to me and talking about it all the time which made me want to play.

Pick: SoundBard [App]

My pick this month is another app, and though this one costs money, it’s well worth the price. SoundBard is a gaming companion app designed for D&D and other fantasy d20 tabletop systems. It has a variety of sound clips that are tailored to the very special experience that is tabletop RPG and can add fun, whimsy, and drama to any random encounter or dungeon crawl. I will warn you, though, that if you play with someone like me (with a penchant to always be the bard because it’s just SO MUCH FUN), you may want to set a limit on the number of buttons they are allowed to push, or you may find them (me) pushing your buttons all game long. SoundBard was developed by Paul & Storm, famous for their song “Write like the Wind” about GRRM, and features voice cameos from the likes of Wil Wheaton as well as fun geeky references you’ll have fun discovering. It costs $5 US and, as I said, is worth every penny. Download it here!

PS: If you want to know what GRRM thinks of that song, I’ve got you covered.

Pick: Digimon Adventure 02 [Cartoon]

Digimon is SO WEIRD. I don’t think I would have appreciated it when I was a kid. But nowadays, it hits the spot for my cartoon cravings! It’s packed with one-liners & crazy adventure & just a bit of youthful angst. Oh, & talking monsters to be your best friend. I’m all for that. Digivolve into champion!

Pick: Galaxy Raccoon Inspired Orange Cincher Skirt with Tail [Clothing]

I love the cinchers from this shop, they are both darling and geeky and classically feminine. If I was going to any conventions this year I would absolutely be rocking one of them for a casual cosplay.