Last Friday Apple announced the new iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus.

There are three things that fill me with joy every September; Any and all things pumpkin, Fall weather, and Apple keynotes. I must have looked like a little kid on Christmas at lunch quickly scurrying to find live feed of the event. My addiction to Apple products started 4 years ago when I picked up the iPhone 4. Ah! It felt amazing in my hands. Now here I am with the iPhone 6, an iPad Air 2, and an iPad mini. Now I fiend for the iPhone 7.

Here is a little bit of BIG information from the iPhone 7 announcements last week.


First order of business is the head phone jack, or shall I say the lack there of? Yup! Apple removed the head phone jack. The new EarPods will connect via the lightning jack, and they come with the 7.

Now keep in mind you can always get the new AirPods that connect wirelessly through auto pairing, but they are sold separately. Without the jack this will help aide the 7 in being water and dust resistant; not copletely water resistant, but you can keep calm when stuck in the rain.

Now let us move onto the new camera. The 7 will have a 12 megapixel camera.  The  7 Plus has all of the camera features of the 7, but it also has a second 56mm lens for dual-camera function that will able better  zoom.

Apple also made come changes to the phones’ speakers. The 7 will have not just one…. but two! Two speakers to give you stereo sound. Now that is kind of cool, I have to admit. This will come in handy when playing Mario Run. Yes! You read that right I typed Mario Run. Nintendo made a mobile version of the game. Unfortunately the game will not be free, but I for see it on my new iPhone.

The home button has also been upgraded. Our lovable one stop push and go home button! Does the 7 have the home button, you ask? Of course it does, but it is not our normal home button. The 7’s home button will no longer be “clickable” it is now pressure-sensitive. It won’t feel like a “our button” and they say it will get some taken use to.


The 7 is otherwise much the same as the 6. The 7 will include the pressure-sensitive 3D touch that buzzes when you press and hold the screen.

Now let’s talk storage capacities: we will have 32, 128, and 256 GBs. And how about colors: A glossy jet black, a matte black, silver, gold, and rose gold. Just a side note to jot down- the new jet black is only available in 128 GB and 256 GB.

Preorders started on  9/6/2016  and  they will be available on 9/16/16. The new iOS 10 becomes available on September 13th.

Happy Apple Day.