Who is ready for Season 9 of Doctor Who? I know I am!

The hype and mystery around the new season is only continuing to grow, and recently the BBC posted a very good recap of everything you need to know about Season 9. Between the slew of trailers, BBC has also launched a competition called Mission Dalek! All this excitement has gotten me thinking a lot about the upcoming season. When I look back on Season 8, which was definitely not my favorite, some episodes and story-lines left me really disappointed. Looking forward to this upcoming season, I have similar mixed feelings.

Here’s why I’m excited:

Maisie Williams is going to be in at least one episode! My worlds are colliding, Game Of Thrones and Doctor Who are together again! First Mark Gatiss was in Game of Thrones, and now Maisie in Doctor Who! Maisie will be playing a new character in Episode 5: The Girl Who Died.  Based on the title alone, I have questions! Who is Maisie playing? Is the girl who died Clara or Maisie? Will this turn into a nickname like The Girl Who Waited? The fact that Maisie is playing a new character instead of one from The Doctor’s past is a good sign. A lot of characters from Matt Smith’s seasons have been recycled for Capaldi and I think it’s about time he got his own sidekicks.

Reese Shearsmith is going to be in an episode written my Mark Gatiss! I love these two, if anyone has not seen The League of Gentlemen or Psychoville then you should all google them immediately! I think Reese is hilarious, and a brilliant actor and writer, so I am very excited to see him on one of my favorite shows as well as seeing him work with Gatiss again.

Here’s a list of things I’d like to see:

OK I’d really like Clara to take more ownership. She was really awesome in Season 8 when she basically was The Doctor, or acting as The Doctor. I’d really like to see more of that. And when she dropped the keys to the TARDIS in the lava, that was amazing. It was fake, but she thought it was real and the moment where she cried “I’d say I’m sorry but I’d do it again” was fantastic. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Danny as a character, I really loved how she was willing to do anything to get him back.

But that being said, what I DON’T want to see this season is another love interest for Clara. Ladies can be complete and whole all by themselves and don’t need a romantic relationship to be good characters (like Donna!), so it would be nice to see another companion reflect this.

I’d like to see more going back in time! There haven’t been that many historic episodes recently, and as much as I love seeing other planets, I’d like to see some more of The Doctor messing around with history.

Here’s what makes me hesitant about Season 9:

The apparent return of Missy and Osgood. This has nothing at all to do with my opinions on these two characters. This has everything to do with me wanting the show to make a decision and stick to it! I said in my recap of Season 8 when talking about Clara, that decisions have no emotion or meaning behind them if they aren’t stuck to. I was recently talking with a friend and fellow Whovian about how Moffat has a tendency to break all of the rules he has created, thus making all the rules have no meaning and therefor I never feel that any real stakes are ever at risk. There are only so many times that someone can whip the blindfold off and yell “TA DAAAA” before the shock value becomes nonexistent. My friend made a good point. He said that the thing about Doctor Who, and indeed sci-fi in general, is that you can make up the rules to your own world. BUT, and here is where I think recent series have gone wrong, you have to stick to those rules! It isn’t clever to constantly change your mind, it’s just… well at worst, it’s bad storytelling and at best it’s just confusing!

So, what do you guys think? Are you excited? Confused? Don’t give a darn? Let me know!