Oh Trigun.

Trigun Cosplay at Dragon Con 2013I attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year and basically went fangirl nuts over so many of the cosplayers I saw there. All the costumes! This is the best “Vash the Stampede” I saw all weekend, I love the execution of his entire cosplay, wonderful attention to detail, and he was clearly enjoying his time as Vash!

More to the point: I feel a little like Gollum when I watch this show. I both love and hate it, as I both love and hate myself. Or something. This space western is a beautiful mix of the violence of life on the harsh planet of Gunsmoke in contrast to its main protagonist, who is, in and of himself, an enigma. While “this world is made of love and peace” it also happens to be full of gun-toting madmen intent on power and destruction.

Wash from Firefly

Trigun has a wonderful element of re-watch-ability because it provides characters to love, and, in the great tradition of good anime and Joss Whedon shows, just enough tragedy to be at once engaging and heartbreaking.

Vash the StampedeVash the Stampede is one of my favorite anime characters, ever. He is a frighteningly skilled marksman and a crusader for justice, and yet he is also an almost obsessive pacifist. While the anime revolves around the life of Vash, and his 60 million double dollar bounty, a few other characters that have recurring roles make this series all the more worth a view.

WolfwoodNotably, Wolfwood, the cross and gun wielding priest who struggles with his moral compass.

Millie and Meryl from TrigunMeryl and Milly, insurance representatives whose mission is to minimize the damage caused by the “human typhoon”, who invariably get caught up in the messes he makes.

As for villains, I can’t say too much because in a series this short everything is spoilers. But, let’s just say Legato is a villain with mysterious powers, a crew of bizarre and terrifying henchmen, and no qualms about killing for the sake of killing.

Nearly every episode has a self-contained plot while progressing the overarching story to its conclusion in the 26th episode. A shorter series, this anime is high on my list of recommendations for those of you who don’t have a lot of time to invest on catching up with a series that’s into the hundreds *cough* One Piece *cough*.

Wolfwood of TrigunThe animation for the series, based on the manga by Yasuhiro Nightow, was done by Madhouse Inc., the company who also illustrated Ninja Scroll, Death Note, and Chobits, and a huge list of other titles you’ll probably recognize. The gritty artistic style of the late 90’s perfectly suits the tone of the show.


While you watch, don’t forget to look for the easter-egg cameos from Kuroneko Sama. (You might also recognize this precocious cat from Wild Arms 2 if you’ve played the game.)


What I’m watching now: One Piece, because 600+ episodes and we fell behind *sigh*, Cowboy Bebop

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