Vampires and Witches and Werewolves, Oh My!

As nights get longer and Halloween rapidly approaches I thought I’d spend some time this month talking about a host of anime that should make your list this fall!

Vampire Hunter DVampire Hunter D

Released in 2000 this anime movie is the second movie based on the manga series from Hideyuki Kikuchi. A distant post-apocalyptic future is the backdrop for this beautifully animated story. “D” is sure to be a great watch full of vampires, strange magic, and sinister plots. (And don’t forget the creepy talking faces that appear in the palm of your hand.)

Blood CBlood C

Though not a movie (there is a live action cinematic released in 2009) this anime series follows the release of the short movie Blood The Last Vampire and its predecessor, the series Blood+. All three spring from manga written by the group CLAMP and feature the stunning, gory, and visually lush environments we have come to expect from the genre. With vampires and demons and enough blood and tragedy to rival its predecessors this series is perfect for an October anime marathon. Be advised, this is dark, not recommended for children or those who prefer anime with a cheery disposition.

Trinity BloodTrinity Blood

Based on the light novels from Sunao Yoshida this is a short anime series that could also be the perfect October watch. While I should turn this into a longer post about the intricacies of the entire series, let’s just say: Vatican Special Forces : AX. Cyborgs. Vampires. Spaceships. Nanomachines. Psychokinesis. Just watch it.

Kiki's Delivery ServiceKiki’s Delivery Service

Ok. Everything from Studio Ghibli deserves its own post. I know! But it would be totally remiss of me not to mention this movie, and the next, when I think about my favorite anime involving witches. If you haven’t seen this anime yet, then drop whatever it is you’re doing and go watch it. Unless you’re holding something expensive and fragile, like a child, in which case, keep holding it and go watch this anime. Right now. Go! Then come back and finish reading this. Seriously. Go.

Howl's Moving CastleHowl’s Moving Castle

Another classic from Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, you must watch it! Better yet, watch it and then go read the original story, a novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones. There are so many reasons to love this film. Not just for the writing, and how Howl is one of those characters you’ll fall in love with and at the same time curse at in frustration. Not just because stylistically the movie is just as beautiful and immersive as everything else Miyazaki touches. Not just for the amazing cast and voice acting. Both Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service are worth watching because they are in that wonderful class of movies that aren’t just beautiful to watch, they tell stories that are complex and lovely and so completely worth the time it takes to hear them.

Wolf ChildrenThe Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

Laugh. Cry. Just watch this love story. There are other anime movies that involve wolves but nothing recent came to mind in the same way that this does when I think of werewolves. Almost as stylistically poignant as the Miyazaki films Mamouru Hosoda produced an exceptional piece of anime. FUNimation is set to release this movie in North America sometime in the next month or so. Look for it! I’ll send you tissues if you need some. <3

What are your favorite animes for Halloween? Do you have any movie traditions?

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