Winter has finally come here in Brazil, and another edition of Anime Friends is coming too! And I am going to cover the six days of events for you readers this year!

Last year, Reika Arikawa attended Anime Friends and she is returning this year, and Kaname is coming too! These are two cosplayers that will be attending the event that I am dying to see!

Here Reika is talking about her participation in AF this year again 😉

But Anime Friends is much more than that… Let me tell you a little about the event itself.

Anime Friends is one of the major (and biggest) events in Brazil, held in São Paulo, related to anime, manga and Japanese (and Korean) culture in general. Its first edition was held in July 2003, attracting nowadays a public high of 120,000 people every year in July, from all over Brazil and some caravans from countries of Latin America.

The convention provides a lot of attractions for the entertainment of all kinds of people: Animekê, Cosplay Contest, K-Pop and J-Rock gigs, several rooms with fangroups, workshops and courses, as well as kiosks and shops selling specific products related to anime and manga.

In its 13th edition, Anime Friends will have lots and lots of attractions and surely will provide lots of entertainment!

There will be thematic rooms, like the traditional Lolita Tea Party, with a delicate and romantic room, like a dollhouse. Which is awesome, especially for those who love the kawaii culture, with tea, cupcakes and other cute and delicious sweets. There will be Lolita outfits, clothes and accessories for sale, talks about the Lolita style and a Lolita make-up workshop as well.


The other thematic spaces are Ars Mediaevalis, Eternal Symphony, Jstorm Station, K-Pop Brasil, Pokémon Official League, Magic Potter, N-Party, Otaku Company, Psparty, Shounen Ai & Shoujo Ai.

Manga publishers will give some talks, as well as invited artists, and a lot of manga releases are expected for this event, such as Tokyo Ghoul, which had been asked for by a lot of fans. There will be spaces for games, as well as the International RPG Meeting.


There will be meet-&-greets with the following artists: Cross Gene, Screw, INKT, Super Friends Spirits, Reika and Kaname, Snowkel, Home Made Kazoku, Flow, and Tetsuo Kurata.


We will also have the Brasil Comic Con, Expo Sci-Fi, and a lot of other attractions about which I will be covering more after the events, with photos and comments!

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[This was my cosplay last year at the 12th edition of Anime Friends!]10641204_1474291902828749_4370357313895069303_n-2

Sugoi, right? Sayonara!