So, for anyone that’s been a little out of tech talk lately, you may not have heard about the Amiibo update that’s coming out for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. With the new update it also had a huge price drop to 20$ USD. Thanks to those combined actions I decided to repurchase the title and then I realised how great this game is for Pen Pals. It started while talking to my flamingo neighbor that I realized how cool it was that we could have visitors. Then I started to realize how much easier it is to play Animal Crossing with a friend.

Double The Bells


Official trailer.

Anyone who’s played New Leaf knows how important bells are since you use them to upgrade everything in your town including your stores. They determine everything you do especially with filling your museum; do you sell the expensive fish or grind by shaking trees to make your bells? It’s also hard to pay off most of your house since the prices in New Leaf are the highest of the series, and there are all types of cool options you can pick from Tom Nook for customization.

On top of all of this it’s really hard to buy furniture to decorate your house and that robo-bed that you shook out of the nearest tree to your door just isn’t your style. Bells can either leap you forward or almost halt the progress you’re making completely. On top of that, it even costs money to go to the island and you can only do that once a day so what’s an AC lover to do? Especially if your pesky school or work time gets in your way of selling your fishing haul during the day?

Bringing In Friends


Official Trailer.

So, one of the biggest agendas Animal Crossing pushes is getting to make friends with your neighbors and the ability to invite people to your town.  Also to anyone who’s ever gotten a hold of another fruit than what’s native you may have noticed how much money you get in comparison.  On top of that, you can go to the island only once in your game so what if you could go with someone else in their game? This is where you can bring in your new Pen Pal for a learning experience.

If you have a 3DS you can safely send a friend code and arrange a meeting time for town visits in Animal Crossing. With these visits you can do fruit exchanges with each other that will greatly increase the number of bells you are making when you sell them at Re-tail. Also, you and your pen pal can learn about each other’s style by strolling through their town and looking at their decorating. Afterwards, you can go fishing on the island and make double the catch than you normally would be able too. There is also the huge added benefit of the towns you’re in selling different items or trading them yourself.

Arranging a Meeting


Official artwork.

If you have a current pen pal ask them how they would feel about picking up the game and show them this article. If you’re looking to find a pen pal to play with take to the forums and we can start an Animal Crossing swap thread for you so you can find friends. This is a unique and fun way to get to know someone and at times gaming together can be just as powerful as meeting in real life. It encourages team building skills that can drive a friendship to new levels!