Greetings Iggles and Miggles! I hope wherever you are today you’re warmer than me here in New Zealand on this chilly Winter day.

Today I will be sharing my love of zines and why I think they relate to our geeky world.

First of all what is a zine? I personally describe them as independent DIY little magazines that can be about any subject. They are usually photocopied and have small print runs.
They can be handwritten, typed using a computer/typewriter, drawn, cut and pasted with photographs, clip-outs from various sources and things the creator has found particularly fascinating.
There are zines about music, science fiction, cooking, books, movies, sexuality, feminism, pinball machines, video games and the personal experiences and thoughts of individuals (personal zines.. known as perzines). And many, many more.

I made my very first zine when I was about 13-14, before I knew what they were or even read any. It was more like a newsletter with information about the various boy bands I liked at the time, listings for pen pals/swap pals and a few other things that I thought people might like. It ran for about three issues and I think there was only about 10 people who read it.
My first actual zine I made was when I was 17 and it was a perzine. I had been reading zines for two years at that stage. While I cringe at some of the things featured in that zine back then at the time I did not know anyone personally who was making them so I could have been seen as a trailblazer in my small town. Of course that wasn’t the case but hey a geek girl can dream!

Some say that zines are dying out in this Internet age. That zines are no longer needed when people could just put that same information online. Sound familiar?

Even with all those naysayers out there zines are still around and flourishing if you know where to look. Zine festivals, symposiums and gatherings are happening regularly all over the world. There’s the We Make Zines community where people talk about their projects, organize swaps and get contributors for their compilation zines.

So if you are reading this and thinking: wow this sounds great but what would I write about.. here are a handful of suggestions:

Your love of your favourite fandoms
Anecdotes about your first time playing video games
Reviews of books you have read lately
What it’s like being the only geek in your village
How IGGPPC has changed your life
Original writing that you want to share with the world
In my next post I will share how to make an 8 page mini zine just using a single sheet of paper!

Original post from Kirsty Win

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