I’m thinking about prom. If you don’t know, prom is a very formal dance held at American high schools, and is considered to be a pretty big event. Unfortunately, it’s only for eleventh and twelfth graders. I can’t go, as a sophomore, but if I could I’d want to wear this: An ao dai. It’s a Vietnamese traditional dress, one that I find gorgeous.

This is what I'd love to wear to prom!

This is what I’d love to wear to prom!

An ao dai is a dress used for special occasions in Vietnam. They can come in many colors and styles, and I really enjoy how they look. They’re different from the standard prom dress, which I enjoy (not that I don’t love the idea of wearing a princess dress too)! Would you ever consider wearing something outside the norm to a dance?

The original ao dai picture can be found at this link:http://www.vietnamonline.com/culture/ao-dai.html and was editied to the correct size by PicMonkey.

What global looks would you love to wear to prom? Leave a comment and let us know.

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