I managed to double book myself tonight. I was off being needlecraft nerdy with local ladies, so I missed the first 5 minutes of SHIELD! I hope I didn’t miss anything vital. Feel free to update me on what happened in the forest in Norway.


I love how Ward distracts Simmons so that she can get over her fear of heights while they are investigating the event in Norway. It’s very thoughtful of him, is consistent throughout the episode, and is something new I we learn about his character. Not that we thought he wasn’t thoughtful before, but I feel like we’re seeing a hidden aspect of Ward.

What a cool-looking staff! I give the art crew a thumbs up on that one. They certainly don’t stint on design for the show.

Coulson actually says that the team is tasked with finding all the parts of the staff before the Neo-Norse group can get them. I think this may be the first episode where Coulson said that it was their mission. Mostly, it’s left to us to figure out what their mission is.

Revisionist mythology: An Asgardian stayed behind because he fell in love with living, with Earth. He became a pacifist, and so he took his staff and broke it into three pieces then hid it in different places so that it could never be put together again. I was totally not expecting the professor to be Asgardian!

“You’re certainly more observant than most, Agent Coulson.” Best summation of Coulson I’ve heard.

I wonder if the fact that it is worse on humans and will take “a few decades” to wear off will mean that Ward’s personality is going to change.

I thought that Ward was the kid in the well for 90% of the episode. It also took me about that long to realize why the episode was titled “The Well!” I hope I’m not the only one who missed that…

WHOA!! May and Ward? I am interested in seeing how that plays out!

What an awful thing for Coulson to have nightmares about Tahiti!

This was an episode that really surprised me, to tell the truth. I like that they keep making connections to the movies. I like that they can come up with things that are surprising! It would be a bad thing if all the episodes were predictable after only the 8th one. In my opinion, SHIELD is starting to hit its stride. It’s getting better every episode; the team more cohesive, the relationships stronger, the conflicts more interesting, the characters more complex. I am more and more a fan of Coulson each episode. Have I mentioned that already? He’s fast becoming my favorite SHIELD agent, although it’s hard to top Fury.

What was your favorite scene or surprise from this episode?