Has anyone gone to the ABC website and poked around on the Declassified tab that they have? I haven’t yet, but my curiosity is piqued well enough to hit it up some time this week.

First, Coulson, May and Ward break an operative out of a Siberian prison. He’s got classified material stuck up his nose, of all places. Everyone but Skye is quite okay with it being classified material. Truthfully, that’s hard to believe because in my mind, good agents question everything. People who don’t question orders are cannon fodder, not good investigators.

The team heads to the Hub to drop off the information, and we meet Agent Hand. I’m all for women doing interesting things to their hair, but the red streak seems out of place for the seriousness of the Hub. For those of us who aren’t comic book readers(myself among them!), Hand is a comic book original character. She started out at SHIELD, then left SHIELD to found and work at HAMMER.

Fitz and Ward are sent out on a solo mission. What an odd couple they are to be teamed up! Ward looks like he wants to slap some duct tape on Fitz’s mouth. I love that Fitz is the one who gets them an in when Ward’s contact is dead. Geeks rule!

Jemma and Skye are almost as much of an odd couple teaming up to hack into Hub computers to find out what exactly is going on with Fitz and Ward. She finds some information about her background, and that there’s no extraction team in place for the guys. Of course Coulson and team have to go pick them up, and they get there just in time, as Fitz has disabled the Overkill device, and Ward has taken out several guards, but they are clearly overwhelmed.

Hand’s a name dropper! Reference to Barton and Romanov FTW! I love that they don’t need an extraction team, but I also love that Coulson’s team doesn’t either. I think he operates on a no man left behind policy. I love Coulson more every episode.

I think the tagline of this episode should be Trust the System. I got a little tired of hearing them say that, and who has ever thought that was a good idea? How often does that work out?

There were a lot of hints at answers in this episode. Tahiti, for one. It’s intriguing that even Coulson doesn’t seem to know what happened to him during his time in Tahiti. I’m interested in finding out who dropped Skye off at that orphanage as well. I am a sucker for a mystery, and they are certainly providing plenty!