It is cold here in my slice of the world. I’ve been stuck at home since last Thursday more or less. I’m past stir crazy and into cabin fever. Finally something awesome on TV for me to watch!


Our presumably bad guys break into a prison. Also presumably to break out the stone-faced bad guy. I’m thinking that he’s the guy the Girl in the Flowered Dress, Reina, was talking to. They’re wearing the centipedes that we saw in the first episode, the ones that caused the wearer to explode.

Oooh, May and Ward sparring. Sexual tension, check. I’m glad that Ward doesn’t feel like his manhood is threatened when May takes him down!

I like the philosophy that everyone deserves a second chance, and I’m glad to see J. August Richards(a.k.a. Gunn from Angel for you Whedonites) back on the show. This time, he’s getting training, and I’m hoping he stays on the side of the good guys.

I’m not sure that I believe that Fitz and Jemma were the ones who stabilized the centipede, especially when the Unnamed Bad Guys(UBGs) are having trouble stabilizing it.

Centipede is a good name for a group of bad guys, though. Many limbs, far reach. Plus, cool gear! I’d sign up to put that on. Why don’t they ever have lady soldiers on the bad guys’ sides? I mean Reina is an evil mastermind, but she doesn’t kick any butt.

I don’t like that May and Coulson are keeping Skye’s background from her, but I think it means that it’s either a. Big Bad News or b. she’s got superhero blood and they’re waiting to see if she manifests any powers.

May, Peterson(Richards), Coulson, and Ward are getting their butts handed to them by the centipede soldiers. I’m expecting that now they’re going to try to kidnap Peterson since his centipede is stable and the UBG’s are not.

Harsh, May! Don’t lash out at Skye because Ward embarrassed you! And Coulson, why did you walk away? You can’t deal with Skye crying, but you can deal with Peterson’s emotional issues? Not cool, Coulson, not cool.

Could we be any more predictable? Of course they’re going to use Peterson’s kid against him! Wait, bait and switch! I was not expecting that. I’m glad they can still manage to surprise me.

However, I am not happy with this ending. Not. At. All. I’d be quite happy if the networks hadn’t decided that all shows need a mid-season cliffhanger “finale!” One finale a year is plenty, thankyouverymuch.

So, this episode knocked the shine off Coulson’s halo for me and made me wish May would sort out her emotional baggage already. I won’t mention the mumblemumble so-called, unnecessary “finale.” Are any of you geek girls fans of the mid-season finale? What was your favorite moment this week?