I grew up in a small town, so I totally feel for this woman who’s been blamed for the explosion at the “Particle Accelerator Complex.” What an original name. Almost as original as Unobtanium…

I’m a sucker for romance, so I love that last week wasn’t May and Ward’s first liaison. I’d like to get a chance to find out how they ended up together. I like May and her super bad-ness. At the same time, she’s more self-contained and less emotional than I’d like her to be. She’s almost robotic. It’s still early in the episode, but I’m hoping we can learn some of her secrets.

Hogwarts reference!

I think I’d be pretty ticked off is someone shot me with tetrodotoxin. WHY would they use tetrodotoxin? It doesn’t seem very logical to use a biotoxin as opposed to plenty of already developed chemicals. My only guess is that they used it because it stopped the telekinesis and they were concerned that it would continue if she were only unconscious.

I’m not sure how I feel about this woman’s claims that she’s being haunted by demons. I didn’t know that demons could haunt. Possess, maybe. Make bargains with, possibly. But haunt?

I can’t help but ask “Are you my mummy?” any time I see a gas mask now! Ways Doctor Who has changed my life.

Knowing SHIELD only from the movies and TV show, I am assuming that this is another comic book villain brought to life. It might be a cool power to have, to pop in and out of the universe at will. My insatiable curiosity wonders what it’s like on the other side. It sounds like it’s not great if this guy said something to the effect that it was like hell. Then again, it may just be because of what he did.

In a way, I’m uncomfortable with the religious corollary, but they don’t keep it to solely Judeo-Christian tradition in the episode. That, oddly, makes it a little better. It recalls to mind that technically, Thor is a god, and is worshiped. Being the naive person I am, it would never have occurred to me that individuals with abilities could be worshiped. Now that it’s been mentioned, I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it. I’d make a horrible villain.

Color me stunned! I had a niggling feeling that May had some sort of super power, but nothing she’s done so far indicated that I was actually right and what it might be. Obviously, Coulson knows, and he’s using it to their advantage. I do wonder if she had it before she received The Calvary as a nickname or after. Nobody seems to think that it’s strange that she’s suddenly disappeared from the plane, though. What’s up with that? Wouldn’t you be surprised if it were your co-worker?

Golden retrievers, cool!

Who doesn’t love a prank war? It’s a good thing to see May smile, but I’m contrary enough to think if she unbent too much she’d be uninteresting!