Last night, we saw another installment of the limited series, Agent Carter. I don’t know about you but I felt this episode was even stronger than the last two, even without some distinct quirk to set the time period (like the news clip or radio show in episodes 1 and 2). If nothing else, Peggy’s fight scenes alone make this show worth watching.

fight scene in Time and TideWe begin with Peggy in her new apartment pondering the meaning of the symbol Leet Brannis (James Frain, “Intruders”, “Grimm”) drew as he was dying. She happens to have a giant book that I really want in my own personal library.

Agent Carter's book of symbols

The episode tries to build a little more into Peggy’s personal life (friendship with Angie, new neighbor – anyone else feel suspicious of Dottie?) and I have mixed feelings about it. But I do love Angie and I understand the reasoning. Peggy needs to learn to trust someone (remember Jarvis’s little speech to her last week?).

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of last night’s episode involved Jarvis, who I still adore. And I love the little japes Peggy makes concerning Howard’s lifestyle and the very bland way that Jarvis always agrees. The SSR boys matched the plate found in the wreckage of the exploded plant, Agent Thompson shows up at Howard Stark’s place and ends up taking Jarvis in for questioning.

This will be novel; I haven’t been in the back of a car in years.

Through the interrogation we learn that Jarvis was actually charged with treason and given a dishonorable discharge from service. In order to save Jarvis from further questioning, Peggy intervenes and gets a dressing down for her efforts. She’s even forced to apologize to Agent Thompson, which is clearly distasteful.

When Peggy and Jarvis meet up later to track the path the stolen items had to have taken, she gets Jarvis to tell her, reluctantly, about his past. Turns out his treason charge was the result of forging a general’s signature on an order to help save his Jewish wife. The charge was dropped and Anna was saved with the aid of Howard Stark, but his dishonorable discharged remained. They end up finding a stash of Stark’s property and a ‘henchmen.’ But when Peggy wants to call in the find, Jarvis helps her understand her find would look to her co-workers.

I will call it in and they will respect me. – Peggy

But they won’t. They’ll only use it to tear you down. – Jarvis

They decide to have Jarvis call in an anonymous tip which leads to a rather shocking ending. I didn’t expect it, but as soon as it happened I understood it. It will be interesting to see if my suspicions are confirmed.

What did you think? Who do you think executed that ending event?