Zine published by Kristy Win

Zine published by Kristy Win

Wishing a very good day to all the Iggles and Miggles out there in Internet Land.

Last month was International Zine Month

and unfortunately I didn’t do the daily tasks like I planned. However there were two big zine related things that I got up to in July. The first one was I finally released issue two of my perzine On A Sugar High (which had been a work in progress for over two years now). The second (which is the topic of this blog post) is I had a table at Auckland Zinefest.

My serious preparation for Auckland Zinefest started the week before the event where I was making regular visits to Warehouse Stationery to run off copies of my back issues. I was stunned to discover I would have 10 different zines to sell at the event.
I was frantically writing for my new zine. I’d been working on it for over two years but I felt a lot of the stuff I had written previously didn’t work any more so I started over. I got friends to read over my pieces to look for any spelling mistakes.

The day before Auckland Zinefest felt like one of the longest days of my life. I got up early so I could make some more photocopies before work, did some more writing for the new zine and tried to work out pricing. After work I met up with a friend who would help me assemble the zines and then carry the zines up in the morning.
I was up until 3.30am writing and stapling while my friend Jen folded massive amounts of zines. Being unable to sleep I got back up at 5am, to finish the writing for the new issue which I then ran into work to photocopy. I made myself a nifty sign with descriptions of the zines and some price labels.

Some last minute assembly later and we were on our way. Once we got to the venue I searched around for my table. The guys I was sharing the table with were already there and my spot didn’t have a chair. A quick set up later and I was ready for business. I asked a committee member to find me a chair which I was very thankful for.

Once the event opened to the public there was a steady stream of people going past the table with quite a few picking up copies of my zines to look through. Thirty minutes in and I had my first sale. I had to stop myself from jumping up, hugging the girl and saying “Thank you, thank you!”. She bought two issues of my perzine On A Sugar High so I gave her a discount.

Some more sales later and I asked Jen to watch my table so I could walk around. I gave some copies of my zines to some zine/comic friends who were there. I purchased some comics and said hi to other people that I only seem to see at Auckland Zinefest. I grabbed a burrito for lunch with the boyfriend and bought some cheap letter holders to help organise my stand.

After lunch the lack of sleep really caught up with me and there were a couple of times where someone was talking to me with me just blanking out. I marked my reading log zines as freebies and took part in some end of day swaps with other zinesters.

It was an enjoyable, if tiring day and I learnt some things that I’ll be applying to the next zinefest I table at.
– Don’t leave it all til the last minute
– Get a good night’s sleep before the event. Zombies don’t make good sellers (unless you are dressed up like an actual zombie)
– Talk to people
– Only certain people find my reading log zines interesting. I don’t need to make twenty copies of each and hope to sell them.

And now for the photos.


Ziiines… Zombie!Kiwi wants ziiines.


The selection


The sign I made at 7am with black card, white paper and shiny sharpies.


The brand-new issue. Fresh from the photocopier.

Next month I’ll be demonstrating how I make my quarter-sized zines. I also am hoping to organise a zine trade and Iggle compilation zine in the near future so stay tuned.

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