It’s drawing closer to the end of January, and you guys know what that means: Valentine’s Day. While some people don’t really buy into the whole one day to show all of your love thing,  it’s still fun to exchange cards, even if you don’t have a significant other(don’t forget about the cheap candy the day after, either). You know whats better then your regular, everyday Valentines card? A geeky one. And have I hit the jackpot!

With the IGGPPC Valentines card swap , I decided to nose around for some cute cards. I figured that Etsy might have some, but I was surprised at the awesome variety! Here are some of my favorites, for your viewing pleasure. Send them to your pen pals, give them to your fellow nerdy loved ones- or just ooh and aah over the prettiness. It’s up to you.


8 bits


1. I Love Your Bits Valentine Card by Meow Kapow!

8 cat


2. Schrodinger Love Card by ShopGibberish

8 companion


3. Valentines Companion Card (Digital Printable File) by Fox Grove Designs 

8 firefly


4. Firefly Inspired Valentine’s Day Greeting Card by Hello Foss

8 ghibli


5. Sophie & Howl Valentine’s Day Card by Alaquarelle

8 hodor

6. Hodor Valentine’s Card by Vox Literati Design

8 mario


7. You’re the Mario to My Peach Valentine’s Day Card by Button & Print

8 obi wan

8. You’re the Obi-Wan For Me Card by Helz Illustrates!

8 suck


9. my life would suck without you funny valentine’s day card by letterhappy

8 zombie


10. 8 Bit Zombie Love Card by Blackbird & Peacock

8 finn


11. Valentine’s Day Finn Blank Card by Drawings by Nicole

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and if you’re participating in the card swap, I hope you send and receive some great cards!

Hugs & Best Wishes,