So it has been quite some time since last we spoke, give or take a month. A LOT has happened in the world of science, for example; scientists have found a way to reset the immune system of a patient with Multiple Sclerosis without altering any other normal functions (quite the feat considering that the immune system is connected to the spinal cord which is in turn essentially connected to the rest of our body, have a read here. also, physicists have proposed a new type of dark matter that could make up 1/5 of all dark matter in the universe( if you see the last post, dark matter makes up a ridiculous amount of the universe we live in, you can see it all here ) but what I have found really interesting this month is something someone showed me not but three or four days ago.

Her name is ARKYD (say: ahrk-kid).

As I am sure many of you are aware, all the pictures we get from space are from telescopes. Those big things located out in the middle of nowhere. ARKYD is like these, but different. ARKYD is a celestial telescope and (with your help ofcourse) will be able to make space exploration accessible to everyone. As I am sure a lot of people do, I dream about getting the chance to explore space, to feel the awe that has been described by astronauts who have experienced said wonders; you might wonder why ARKYD is important (besides the fact that it is a flipping awesome concept that everyone should know about). Well…

  1.  To give you a say about what photos are taken and future directions of the satellite!
  2. To give support to important research and discover! ARKYD is low cost, which means that the thousands of institutions and researchers that need better access to in orbit observatories can get it! She can help search for alien planets, distant galaxies and even monitor the skies for asteroids that could be awesome or dangerous.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY! To build excitement about space and all of its potential! ARKYD is designed to be fun, interactive and completely accessible.

So what will you are able to do with the ARKYD? Definitively, ARKYD is a space telescope; this means that it is designed to take high-resolution photographs of objects that exist in space. BUT what makes ARKYD different? They have engineered an EXTERNAL screen (AND CAMERA!!) allowing us to take photographs in space. How many of you have ever wanted a space selfie? ARKYD can make it happen!

Also, I don’t know how much time everyone else spends searching the plethora of cosmos related photographs on the interwebs (for me it is A LOT) but with ARKYD’s main optic you can see these guys:


(Which is pretty flipping impressive)

But the main message that the makers want to get across is about education; ARKYD will allow anyone from first grade and beyond to experience space in a much more hands on way. It will make space accessible to more people around the world, and will power the development of commercial human spaceflight funding, as well as new fields of science to experience. (Let’s be honest, everyone who has ever played the Mass Effect franchise has wanted to go into space, if you didn’t already).

So how do you help power and support education, inspiration and space exploration? Jump onto the kick-starter webpage here and help out any way you can! The goal is so close! By pledging any amount over $1 towards the mission at hand, you can receive access to the official website and mobile apps allowing you to follow along with the progress of the satellite, sneak peak photos and exclusive video content, as well as voting the future direction of the satellite!

The Oatmeal comic has recently portrayed it all very concisely below:


In ending, I think Bill Nye says it quite well, so start kicking for science!


Till next time,

Sami xo

This post was originally written by Samantha Levett, who is utterly adorable in every single way.