Recently, I was able to get my grabby hands on the first issue of the BBC approved Doctor Who Figurine Collection.  The 50th anniversary collection, featuring a magazine and accompanying figurine, have until now, only been available in the UK and overseas.  But, Doctor Who fans everywhere, rejoice!  They have been released in the US.

Hello Eleven

Hello Eleven

In the first issue, you get a figurine of Matt Smith as 11 from the episode “The Pandorica Opens”.

Here’s what I love:

The magazine features many shiny, glossy, beautiful pictures of the Eleventh Doctor that we came to know and love.  For those of you who want a closer glimpse behind the scenes, there are details on the making and filming of the episode, and pictures from the sets.  Also included are explanations for some of the amazing special effects in the “Underhenge”.  I expect more of the same from future magazines since each collectible is based on a specific pivotal moment in the series.

First Issue Eleventh Doctor

There is a closer look at Sexy.  The article on the TARDIS offers a diagram of her controls (in case you are ever in the fortunate position of having to fly her) while also providing baseline terminology that might be foreign to those who are new to the series.  For those aspiring future and past River Songs this article will be invaluable in locating the steering mechanism.

Because the magazine truly offers something for every fan, for you history buffs, there is also an article that travels back to the First Doctor and his supporting cast, with information about the first episodes, the original director, and how the actors were chosen.

History of the First Doctor

The quickie FAQ section answers some of those niggling queries left unanswered during the story arc.  While a brief biography on Steven Moffat sheds light on his history with the show before he took over as director in 2009.  For new fans, this gives a glimpse into why he was highly anticipated as new director and foreshadowing why we both love and hate his wonderful and terrible choices and The Feels his storytelling creates.

As for the figurine itself, for a small scale replica, it features a high amount of detail and is a faithful depiction of Eleven in the episode.  Since each figurine is hand painted, please expect to experience the custom flaws that are a part of that process.  If you expect detailed perfection in your collection, you may be best with machine rendered pieces that will cost far more than what is offered here, at $14.95 per figurine this set is a great value.  For completists and Doctor Who collection fanatics, these collectibles will be an important part of your treasure horde.  Personally, I am looking forward to the limited edition set of Daleks!  For more details on the collectors club and a look at all of the future figurines in the set click THIS link.