Ey-up ducks! Today I wanted to find out how much you all know about Yorkshire! Perhaps you’ve been there, or are familiar with it, and you can tell me what you think of when you think about the good old Shire… or perhaps you aren’t familiar with Yorkshire and you have some questions about it! Let’s get started…

Yorkshire 101

Yorkshire is a historic county of Northern England. It’s built up of several parts: North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. It’s also comprised of the three Ridings of Yorkshire. I live in West Ridings, AKA West Yorkshire. See below for a nice little view of how the Ridings are split up.

yorkshire-ridings-map-600x376 (1)

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And this is what Yorkshire looks like when we zoom out and take a look at the whole of the British Isles.


Yorkshire in images

Sometimes it’s easier to understand a country by seeing some photographs of it!

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This is Ribblehead Viaduct, near the Three Peaks of Yorkshire. You might remember it from…. oh I don’t know, that popular film… what’s it called now… OH YES HARRY MOTHER FLIPPIN POTTER!! That’s right – Yorkshire is also home to the Hogwarts express. It’s on display here in our capital York’s National Railway Museum!

img-20121029-wa0014Source: bakingaitch

Below we see a beautiful view of the Yorkshire Dales.littondale

Winter sunset at Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire, England

Winter sunset at Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire, England

Sheepies! Again in the Dales.

 A big welcome from the Yorkshire sheep

Source: dalesman.co.uk

What the culture is like

What I love about Yorkshire is our “deal with it” attitude. It’s a blessing as much as it is a curse sometimes, as we “deal” with being poor, by using the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” If it’s just a cold, and your head hasn’t fallen off, then you ain’t dying!

Another thing about Yorkshire people: we always graft [work hard]! I feel Yorkshire men and women are good grafters. They always helped out from a young age. I had my first job at 14 – in a fashion boutique and then in a tea shop!

However, I have found that these traits can be a little harsh sometimes. For example, the older generations in my family (grandparents etc.) always thought you were good for nothing if you didn’t or couldn’t find work, not knowing how hard it can be now-a-days to get a job. When it comes to invisible illness, I feel that it’s never been understood in older generations as much as it is these days.

I’m very proud that (as with anywhere in the UK) now farm land lovers and Yorkshire dwellers have accepted modern times! Well, except for ow t’talk the queen’s English, thas never gonner’appen round ‘ere!

In true hometown pride, I feel the culture around where I grew up in Yorkshire was 100% awesome, and I wouldn’t change it for nuffink!


What does Yorkshire mean to you? What do you want to know?

I’d like to ask you all, “What does Yorkshire mean to you?” What questions do you have about it that you’d like me to answer? If you were wondering, as a person who currently lives in Yorkshire… to me Yorkshire means nature, comfort, and the smell of fresh cut grass, and big oak trees, dogs, (and oh the list could go on and on) basically all things woodland and country-like.

Want to learn some Yorkshire slang? Check out this list here courtesy of the BBC

Let me know what you want to know about Yorkshire in a comment!

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