For all the Doctor Who fans out there, we know the feels. We know them well. From deaths to never existing to crossing timelines, romance in the Whoverse can be tricky at best. I chose some of the most romantic episodes of Doctor Who in honor of Valentine’s Day – but don’t think that these are to soothe your soul and make you feel good! No, far more likely than not they will rip your heart out and make you cry. Get the ice cream, get the tissues – allonsy!

1. A Good Man Goes to War, Series 6

Amy and Rory are my OTP. I love them together so much. And they have many fantastic moments and episodes together – from introducing Rory in a vampire episode, to his waiting 2,000 years to keep Amy safe, and her choosing a reality based on whether or not he’s in it … there are so many times I could have picked from. But I chose this one, even though it is not the most romantic, because there are two moments in it that are my absolute favorite.

doctor who rory where is my wife

Don’t. Mess. With. Rory.


doctor who rory crying

Crying over the baby? Definitely cool.


2. The Husbands of River Song, Christmas Special Series 8

Doctor Who Husbands of River Song

River Song. The Doctor has so many moments with her, and I debated putting in Silence in the Library, where the Doctor meets her – but at that point we don’t yet know that it’s romantic. I thought about The Wedding of River Song, but that was more action than romance. They had a heart-wrenching moment together in The Name of the Doctor, but I had far more issues with everything else happening in the episode. And so, despite my disillusionment with this series and with Moffat, I had to concede that the most recent Christmas special was one of their best moments together. It’s when their timelines align the most closely, and their chemistry, even with a new Doctor, is as magical as ever.

3. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, Series 2

Doctor Who Doomsday

And of course, Rose. While she and 10 were never explicitly romantic, she brought back Doctor Who for an entire new generation, and their relationship was so incredibly special. And we all wanted him to finish that line and just tell her he loved her! This one is definitely a tear jerker, so be ready with extra tissues.

4. Human Nature/Family of Blood, Series 3

doctor who human nature

This two-part episode is what I turn on anytime I want to cry. The 10th Doctor becomes human and forgets his experiences, leaving Martha behind as a servant struggling to get his attention. He falls in love, and Martha is heartbroken that he doesn’t fall in love with her. And then when the aliens he was trying to hide from catch up, he is forced to choose between the simple, ordinary life a small part of him always wanted (and the woman he has come to love) and the awesome yet terrible power and responsibility of being the Doctor.

5. Girl in the Fireplace, Series 2

Doctor Who Madame de Pompadour

There are many female “companions” who only last one episode, particularly in the Russell T. Davies/10th Doctor era. And sometimes they fall in love with the Doctor, a doomed love from the start. One of my favorites is Madame de Pompadour. She is a very smart woman and never expects the Doctor to belong to her, or give her much of anything. She loves him (but with a clear head) throughout her affair with the King of France. Of course, it ends tragically as the Doctor returns for her too late … but the storyline, of a girl who grew up seeing the Doctor here and there, was such a good one that it came back in Amy Pond.

6. The Lodger, Series 5

Doctor Who The Lodger

Since you’re probably an emotional train wreck at this point, I decided to end on a good note. This is a sweet, stand-alone tale with the 11th Doctor starring James Corden, who is trying to express his love to his best friend, Sophie. All ends well and we later come back to Corden and see him taking care of their baby – also an adorable episode!

Did you make it all the way through the post? Take a deep breath, everything will be ok (just keep telling yourself that). Just keep eating chocolate and binge watching before they take Doctor Who off Netflix. Happy Valentine’s Day!

jenna marbles valentines eat your feelings

Jenna Marbles has the right idea.