Hello Iggles and welcome to the very first of many posts for all the rage in gaming! My name is Lexi 🙂 I’ll be covering a range of games between then and now and possibly the future! For my first blog post, I’d like to cover a few games that I’ve come to love and believe you gals & guys should give a try!

Alice: Madness Returns
For Xbox 360, Microsoft windows & PS3 | Genre: Survival horror

Alice Madness Returns

This game is part fighting and part puzzles. There aren’t many puzzles but there are a couple. The story is a little intense for young gamers so beware. Its story has such a dark twist based off its original story. Also this game is second in its series and rumors are the creator is thinking of a third. The creator, American McGee, offers such wonderful detail in every scene, costume, weapon and character. As you play, the story slowly unravels and Alice explores more of her memory to come to a conclusion for closure after an unfortunate event that happened when she was younger. Perfect for any gamer who loves thrills and action.

The Bioshock Series
For Xbox 360, Micosoft windows & PS3 | Genre: First person shooter

Bioshock series

The series in its entirety is amazing! The story line, as confusing as it might get, is by far amazing. The fighting is intense, as well as some scenes in the game. I’ve grown to love the characters to pieces as each one is well developed and have individual portrayed characteristics. I love all the weapons and getting the chance to explore the underwater world (known as Rapture) and later to explore the above world (known as Columbia.) Along with the three games in its series, the second one has downloadable content (DLC) available for purchase, as well as a multiplayer mode. The third game in the series (Bioshock Infinte) includes three DLC’s for players who just can’t get enough!

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
For PS3, PS Vita & Microsoft windows | Genre: Action/Adventure

Obviously this is going to be a favorite of mine for one of two reasons. One: It’s a Doctor Who game! And two: You can play it with another whovian! This game is wonderful and fun in all its details! It’s so indulging, and can get you hooked playing for hours! Along with some action, this game is filled with puzzles awaiting to be solved alone or with a friend with its co-op feature.

Adventure time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?
For Nintendo DS & 3DS | Genre: Action/Adventure

I will tell you that this game is just as goofy and adventurous as the show! This game is perfect for the adventurer in you! It has most of the characters from the show and the story is a little goofy. The fighting moves and pixely animation are cute and whimsical for any game loving geek, or just anyone who is a fan of the show.

Dead Rising 3
For Xbox One, Microsoft windows | Genre: survival horror

Dead Rising 3

ZOMBIES! A horrifying creature that became all the rage, and continues to be not only in comics and on TV shows, but in games as well. Dead Rising 3, being the latest in its series, is just action packed and thrilling while being graphic. Aside from its sad or intense moments, it does have its funny moments with the main character, Nick, being able to change into a kid’s superhero costume to a girl’s swimsuit, or even blowing off his clothes! The hunt for creating weapons is fun as well. Who knew putting a sledge hammer on a chainsaw could be so powerful and dangerous? This game for me was so great that I finished it in 3 days!

That’s just a few games that I recommend to anyone who hasn’t gamed before (or even who has!) If anyone out there tries any of these, please do leave a comment below. I would love to hear what some of you think of these games, and possibly come to love them as much as me!