Few things make me go “squee” more than adorable animals. Mythical, real, fluffy, bald. It doesn’t matter. I practically headed up the Save Buckbeak Campaign after reading Prisoner of Azkaban.

So with that in mind and helpful suggestions from Overlord Stewie, I thought this would be a fun post and a nice break from my normal topic.

I had a difficult time choosing only 5, so my guess is you’ll see a few more posts similar to this one in the future. Here is my current list of 5 fictional creatures that would make awesome pets!


Toothless, How To Train Your Dragon
I cannot even put into words how much I love this dragon or this film. How To Train Your Dragon is one of my absolute favorites and a constant go to when I’m home sick. Winning his trust can be a little difficult at first but once you have it, you’re bonded for life. Toothless is loyal, intelligent and a pretty good communicator for not being able to talk.


Fawkes, Harry Potter
To be honest, this one breaks my heart a little bit. His loyalty to Dumbledore and his departure from Hogwarts makes me weepy. I wish he had stayed at Hogwarts but I understand the symbolism.  So shaking off the depression,  Fawkes is awesome. Aside from his loyalty, he’s immortal, has super strength and can teleport at will. Just make sure to have a broom handy for the ash.


Sparky, Frankenweenie
My love of all things Tim Burton dates back as far as I can remember. I know that Sparky is technically just a dog and continues to be just a dog after he’s brought back to life. But he embodies that deep unbreakable bond between people and their pets. Plus I love his little patchwork body.


Boh and Soot Sprites, Spirited Away
Let me start by saying, if you know anyone that doesn’t love the Soot Sprites, you need to cut them off. Right now. Do it! These precious little puff balls are sweet, helpful and live off candy! Just like me! And Boh! I love that he looks like a little hippo-mouse. Pocket-sized companions are always adorable, convenient and in a pinch, can get you out of trouble.


Unicorn, Assorted Myths and Fairy Tales

Which fictional creatures would you choose as your pet? Leave a comment and let us know!