Not all aliens want to ruin planet Earth, thankfully. In fact, many of them feature in some really cute jewellery designs! A few of the scarier space invaders make charming accessories as well. Whether or not you’re looking for evidence that the “truth is out there,” alien accessories add just the right amount of geek to every outfit.

1. ET and Elliot bike necklace

ET necklaceThis ET and Elliot necklace, sold by KitschBitchJewellery, is a super sweet tribute to the movie that made every child in the 80s (and since) cry. Who didn’t want a rubbery, big-headed alien best friend (even though you’re heart broken at the idea of a friend being separated from his mom and dad)? More than that, we learned that love and true friendship are pretty powerful elements of life in this galaxy.

2. X-Files Tote

X Files ToteFriday nights in middle school, I religiously watched X-Files, either with my dad and brothers, or with my friends if I was at a sleep-over. We considered the existence of aliens at school, I think maybe even writing an essay on the subject. This tote bag pays tribute to some of my best memories from that phase of my life. It is sold by Galaxy Print.

3. Flying Saucer socks

UFO socks

I barely even need to say anything about this socks. UFOs stealing earth’s unicorns and dinosaurs. It all makes sense now. These “out of this world” feet holders are available from Socksmith.

4. Alien Resurrection necklace

Alien necklace

The movie Alien is straight up terrifying. The scene in Alien Resurrection when the baby alien licks Ripley’s face is right up there with the monkeys infecting everyone with Rage in 28 Days Later as the top scenes I must look away from in film history. If you are not avoiding any traumatic alien related memories, you probably will love this really cool necklace from The Belle Shop.

5. Mars Attacks cameo pendent

Mars Attacks pendant

As I search the internet for amazing alien accessories, a lot of the treasures I found are no longer for sale, luckily this Mars Attacks gem from etsy shop Enchantalia still is, because I think I may buy it. This movie is seriously one of the greatest UFO movies ever made. It’s just so ridiculous and perfect (aliens killed by yodeling, yes please). No alien accessory would be complete without a tribute to Mars Attacks.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but at least you have a preview of some of the creative and fun alien memorabilia you could collect, or perhaps preserve, as artifacts, for when earth is finally rid of or ruled by a race from space.