Ey’up Ducks! I’m here to talk to you about my three favourite things about Yorkshire! Some of you may be familiar with these things, and they are all true staples of Yorkshire!

  1. Firstly, the good old Yorkshire Pud! (Yorkshire pudding). See below for a picture of what this culinary delight looks like.Three-Yorkshire-puddings--001

    And even though its name suggests it is a sweet thing, it is actually savoury, and traditionally eaten with a Sunday lunch or a big meal. You might even have them made larger, and eat them as a starter course with gravy.

    You make them using exactly the same batter mix as pancakes, but you make them in an oven in a muffin tin or loaf tin. The one big thing about making these is you must use a good lard in the tin to help them not to stick! Also, pro-top: don’t ever properly wash the Yorkshire pud’s tin! That would be terrible, all that built up yummy flavor! Fun fact: We also don’t ever really wash teapots; you want a good strong tea flavour don’t you?

  2. That brings me to my second fave thing about Yorkshire! Tea! But not just any tea: mega strong tea, that’s super milky at the same time! We even have a tea brand name: “Yorkshire Tea.” Their slogan is “Lets ‘av a proper brew!” just as it should be. Each “Yorkshire tea” bag is the strength of two normal tea bags. This makes for a bigger tea-cup or mug, or to feed the teapot one and one for yourself! It’s like the superhero of teas – twice as strong!


  3. My third favourite thing about Yorkshire is, (well it’s not really a favourite, but I have to mention them because the name is so Yorkshire-y!) A Yorkshire terrier!
    166a3476d50b1505c170e31a0cd7885fNoisy little creatures, but very sweet. If you know any older ladies or gents in Yorkshire, you can be sure they will have one of these little critters for some company, whilst they play bowls (A game similar to bowling but with no skittles) or they go to bridge cub.

    Those are my three things I most like about Yorkshire! What are your favourite? Let me know in a comment.

    Bonus: Let’s explore the Yorkshire Peaks

    I have recently been on a lovely little break to the Dales, aka the Yorkshire Dales. This is where you can find the Three Peaks of Yorkshire. I stayed in a small town called Ingleton, not very far from one of the peaks named Inlebourough.

    The three peaks of Yorkshire are three very VERY big hills, or Mountains if you like, that are situated in the Yorkshire Dales. There is something called the “three peak challenge,” where you have to climb and come back down all three in under 12 hours. I have never managed it, as I am not in the best shape, but my partner has, and my mother when she was my age! I’ll do it one day, but at the moment I’m good with taking my time!


    The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge includes:

    • Pen-y-Ghent (691 metres)
    • Whernside (728 metres)
    • Ingleborough (723 metres)

    This is Whernside, the one we climbed!


    The bridge you see there is known as Ribblehead viaduct. You might remember it from my phprevious blog post.

    I have only climbed Whernside, but it is the biggest of the three! I managed, like a twit, to break my foot at the top, so walked all the way back down in agony! We also went climbing on a waterfall trail in Ingleton, and it was beautiful! Because it had been raining so much, there was a lot of force behind the water coming from the caves. It was truly a majestic sight!


    Well until next time folk! Tatty bye! And as always keep smiling! Leave a comment to let me know what you want to know about Yorkshire!

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