Ready to give us a scare? In this 24 hour writing contest you have to write a short ghost story incorporating the elements below – the rest is up to you! Winners will receive an awesome stationery set from Leslie at Stationerdy!
Everyone who submits will receive an achievement code for participation! The winning story will be published on our blog. READY? SET? SCARE!

WORD LIMIT: 750 words
PROMPT: Your story should include the following five elements. How they are used is up to you!

  • A canoe
  • The color purple
  • Squeaking
  • Making tea
  • Greed

DEADLINE: All stories MUST be sent to by 10am Central Time on August 19th with the subject “IGGLE GHOST STORY”. Please include your name and camp troop!

Use the hashtag #IggleGhostStories to let us know how it’s going!