OY! It’s Stewie, from the exotic land of Pennsylvania. It’s very exotic here, for real. As Farquharson, Em, Sparkles and I have gotten to know each other, we’ve learned some new and exciting things about each other and our native lands. It’s been quite the learning experience for us! Here’s our Top 12:


    1. In Australia, Em has informed me that Time Zone is not only a standardized time for a region on the planet, but also an arcade to which she has a card. I hope they have that fun Uncle Fester game or maybe some DDR.
    2. Tea and crumpets! Something I’ve always called English muffins is apparently called crumpets. Now I want a crumpet.


    1. Fringe is what people in the UK and Australia call bangs. I mentioned my obscene love of Yo-Landi Vi$$er of Die Antwoord, and Em chimed in about her amazing notable FRINGE… because fringe = bangs.
    2. The whole “put another shrimp on the barby thing” doesn’t work in Australia… because Australians called shrimp “prawns.”
    3. Apparently foreigners love woodland creatures. I live in a town completely overthrown by a kingdom of evil squirrels, and white-tailed deer who could give 2 craps about your car. There are hundreds of thousands of these beloved “woodland creatures” about in my hometown, and apparently, Em and Farquharson like this.
    4. Sparkle’s local dogs are apparently being taken out by coyotes in the land of Canada… sort of like Wiley Coyote but scarier. OMG! Poor puppies 🙁
    5. Sparky is slang for Electrician. So call the sparky, cause the gosh dun IGGPPC gone done blowed up the Interwebz.


    1. Australia is full of a crap load of EVIL. There are evil scorpions, great white sharks, red back spiders, and the grossest of them all, clock spiders. Australia is not suited for human habitation.
    2. Farquharson uses military time!! 14:00 vs 2:00pm…. etc. Rad.
    3. Instead of being in line at the store, I’d be considered on queue. And seriously, when do you know when to stop with those e’s and u’s. As Farquharson said, they’re having a party.
    4. Sparkles saw a moose, and I’m jealous. Moose are super cute and ginormous!! Mooses or meeses, IDK how to pluralize these guys!

groundhog day 1

  1. And last but not least, Farquharson did not know that we have such a REAL holiday as Groundshog’s Day. Em was under the impression it was just an epic movie with Bill Murray but it’s much more than that. It’s a whole holiday dedicated to celebrating what the Groundhog sees when we pull him from his hole on February 2… if he sees his shadow or not. This ridiculous superstitious nonsense is a real holiday in the glorious USA. For real.

So that’s that from us… if you’ve got an additional question or comment on our native lands, leave something for us below!