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Are you an active member of our community? Do you want to create content for an audience of geeky inclined guys and girls? Do you need to beef up your writing portfolio? Are you a content creator who has fun ideas for something creative you could do on our blog? Do you want to qualify for Press Passes to your local nerd conventions? Then you definitely want to write for our blog, +5 Charisma!

We’re seeking bloggers from our current community to cover the following topics:

  • Beauty Bloggers of the Geek/Nerd variety (tutorials, reviews, etc)
  • Book reviewers (fiction, non-fiction, all genres)
  • Interviews of geeky celebrities
  • Gaming: tabletop
  • Nostalgia: 80’s and 90’s culture
  • Science: both educational and newsworthy
  • Additional writers on Comic books
  • Crafts and DIY
  • Cosplay, especially how-tos
  • Educational content about countries around the world/various cultures (especially if you can represent your own country and culture!)
  • Geek social issues
  • TV reviews of specific shows (please pitch the show(s) you want to cover, as we have many of them already spoken for)
  • Geek 101 – introducing people to new fandoms and topics in a simple 101 style

In particular, we are seeking diverse and international voices in the geek community, so if this is you and you’ve got an idea (even if not listed above), feel free to send us your pitch!

We are NOT currently seeking:

  • One time or Guest contributors
  • “Tech” pieces about equipment, apps, devices, etc.
  • Paid promotions (i.e. you cannot buy blog space)
  • Anything that cannot connect back to a fandom or topic of interest to our community. Do your research and see what we’re about before you pitch.

We want our writers to:

  • Be active members of the IGGPPC community
  • Be passionate about geek culture and fandoms
  • Be familiar with WordPress (or willing to learn)
  • Have a fun, engaging, conversational tone
  • Encourage each other by sharing ideas and engage in creative team brainstorms
  • Write at least 500 words per post

Perks of being a writer:

  • Ability to apply for press passes to conventions
  • Probably definitely going to get a fan club
  • Free margaritas*

Stop toying with me! Just tell me how to apply!
If you’re interested in writing for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, email iggppcblog@gmail.com with your ideas. Please include the chosen topic you would like to cover (and please be SPECIFIC with your pitch: for instance, if reviewing a TV show, which one?), and at least 1 writing sample of around 500 words. Bear in mind that the content must fit within the realm of our community’s interests. We look forward to seeing your amazing work on our blog!

*if you can find a staff member in the wild. Some exclusions apply. Void where prohibited.