Women Who Inspire Us: Prefect Edition


Amanda lives in Kansas City with a cat named Virgil who thinks he’s going to take over the world one day. She moonlights as a mermaid and loves all things Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, and monster-related. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram: @amavongeek. Does what you have to say need more than 140 characters? You can email Amanda at: amavongeek@gmail.com.

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  • I looooooooooooooooove Sue Perkins!

  • I love this post is is such an great idea! I would have to say Angelia Jolie and JK Rowling were two featured women I could definitely agree with as being inspirational.

    I’ve just been reading the New York Times’ Women at Worl opinion series which you should check out too to learn more about the power of women.

    Keep up the great writing, this is a post you should be proud of.

    Love Chloe X | http://www.asliceoftruths.blogspot.co.uk

  • theantsyblackwidows

    I love JK Rowling. She’s one of my inspirational women as well. Also, I like the whole concept of Goldie Box. What a great idea! There should be more of those type of toys geared towards girls.

  • Love this post, and I also love most of these ladies! Good choices, prefects. Some of the women who inspire me most are Jane Goodall, Katie Couric, Tavi Gevinson, and Maisie Williams,