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Easy, despite her unfortunate initials, E. A. S. Y., is a working graphic artist and animator for a small gaming company specializing in slot machines. Her free time is dedicated to her family, knitting, and her online comic series, "Bio-Revelation."

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  • OnKei

    The Fox Sister is gorgeous and Yun Hee is the definition of bad ass <3 My recommendation of a "supernatural" webcomic is Blindsprings (http://blindsprings.com). Kadi's art is gorgeous and the world is absolutely fascinating. Also, Gunnerkrigg Court (http://www.gunnerkrigg.com) but that seems closer to Sci-fi than supernatural.

    For another Webcomic Underground post, would you consider doing a "Fairy tale" theme? There are so many amazing comics that adapt fairy tales or are based off fairy tales. Erstwhile Tales and Megan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast, for example.

    • Oh absolutely! Apologies for the delayed reply due to this being such a busy month. 😀 Be sure to keep your eyes peeled soon for the next one. I’ll add Gunnerkrigg Court to my reading list.