WANTED: Your IGGPPC Secrets, in Postcard Form.


This former IGGPPC staffer enjoys the finer things in life, like standing on the stage right edge of mosh pits, playing sassy video games, and hearing her name pronounced "car-uh". She's a project fiend, enjoys travel, and doodles to stay focused. DFTBA!

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5 Responses

  1. Colonel Hazard says:

    Wondering why the stipulation for “positive” secrets? Some of the most touching, memorable Postsecret submissions are the wistful, slightly sad, regretful ones. I’m not saying they should all be dark or scary, but falsely representing only HAPPY stories isn’t as interesting, in my opinion.

    • Kara says:

      Ooh, I see your point. My intent is to dissuade people from trash talking or gossiping. Not that I would expect that kind of behavior from anyone in this club, but this IS a birthday celebration, and the project isn’t meant to mirror PostSecret exactly.

      Stuff like “I really miss talking to you, Pen Pal from Estonia Who Disappeared a Year Ago” is definitely welcome, but stuff like, “DisneyBounding is so dumb” is not. I will reword for clarification.

  2. klff says:

    This is so fun! 🙂

  3. TifFair says:

    Hello I wanna participate but the treahd doesn’t appear, what should I do?

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