Monthly themes are a creative springboard not only for our Pen Pal rounds, but for ourselves as well. Each month is dedicated to celebrating one theme or idea. We try to share more social media posts around this theme, write blog posts about it, and explore the theme as creatively as we can for the entire month. How you explore and celebrate the theme is really up to you! We’d love to here how you are celebrating this month’s theme, so share your thoughts using #IGGPPC.

Inside the Theme is a fun and interactive project where we pose 5 unique questions every month that relate to our monthly themes. They are different every month and designed to challenge you creatively, as well as let your friends peek into your mind. Each month, you can answer these fun questions by taking them to your blog, your Tumblr, your Facebook, or our dedicated forum thread for each theme. Find all of the questions here. Feel free to use this image in your blog posts. Be sure to use #IGGPPC when sharing your answers!