The Sorting Hat

Oh, you may not think I’m pretty, but don’t judge on what you see, I’ll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me. The House Forums are private, and require special access to get into them. Want to know how to get into your House? Read on, traveler…

Get Sorted


Click on your House flag to get into your house Common Room. The House Common Rooms are private, and only visible to people in those specific houses.

How do I know which House I am in?

You are in a House based on your age. House Granger are Iggles ages 13-17, House Quinn are Iggles ages 18-22, House GlaDOS are Iggles ages 23-29 and House Organa are Iggles ages 30+. House Matilda is a specialty House for iggle parents. You can join House Matilda if you want to talk about parent-related things!

I am in a House but can’t get into my Common Room

To get access to your House, email with the subject line, “Access to House Common Room,” and be sure to include your username on the site, and which House you are requesting access to. Then we can let you into the Common Room. We don’t leave the Common Rooms open to avoid problems like creepers and trolls, goblins and knolls, so we grant access individually with your username!

Follow your House on Twitter
House Granger: @housegranger
House Quinn: @housequinn_
House GlaDOS: @houseglados
House Organa: @houseorgana