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Get Sorted into Your IGGPPC House

Oh, you may not think I’m pretty, but don’t judge on what you see, I’ll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me. The House Forums are private and require special access to get into them. Want to know how to get into your House? Read on, traveller…

At IGGPPC we use a house system to organise our iggles for pairing up pen pals, build community spirit and get some friendly house rivalry going on! Each house has its own private forum for members to chat in and as you age you will move up the houses. Everyone is destined to land in House Organa in the end!

House Granger, RETIRED
House Granger, RETIREDAges 13-17 (no longer active)
House Quinn
House QuinnAges 17-21
House GlaDOS
House GlaDOSAges 22-29
House Organa
House OrganaAges 30-44

House FAQs

Who are the Houses named after?2018-07-01T00:42:41+00:00

We chose to name the houses based on two heroic and two villainous females from geek culture.

  • House Quinn is named for Harley Quinn, from the Batman universe
  • House GlaDOS is named for GlaDOS, the villainous AI from Portal
  • House Organa is named for General (née Princess) Leia Organa, from Star Wars
  • House McGonagall is named for Minerva McGonagall, the formidable Hogwarts teacher from Harry Potter
How do I know which House I am in?2018-07-01T00:41:24+00:00

You are in a House based on your age.

  • House Quinn are ages 17-21
  • House GlaDOS are ages 22-29
  • House Organa are ages 30-44
  • House McGonagall are ages – 45+
I am in a House but can’t get into my Common Room2018-07-01T00:43:27+00:00

To get access to your House, email with the subject line, “Access to House Common Room,” and be sure to include your username on the site, and which House you are requesting access to. Then we can let you into the Common Room. We don’t leave the Common Rooms open to avoid problems like creepers and trolls, goblins and knolls, so we grant access individually with your username!

Be sure you are logged in as well– the forums are users-only, so are hidden if you aren’t logged into the site.

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