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Movie Review: Paddington 2

Last December I had the deliciously great opportunity of watching this movie before everyone else in a session for the press. And it was a great delight! Paddington 2 is as cool as the...


No Man’s Sky: Re-look

Recently I gave you a review of No Man’s Sky and it has come to my attention that a lot of things have changed since the post was published. I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of...


No Man’s Sky Review

When you hear the word Immersion everyone’s mind jumps to things like VR.   But what does it really mean to be immersed in a game? No Man’s Sky has given us that answer...


My Hero Academia Review

With Spring comes fresh heroes and villains as well. Here I’m going to tell you why My Hero Academia is the shonen anime you should check out and will enjoy.


Pusheen Box Summer Edition

What’s better than an oval shaped grey cat? How about a box of merchandise of that oval shaped grey cat! Pusheen Box is the licensed place to go for your Seasonal Pusheen fill. With this...


Overwatch: Ana Overview

Overwatch has been the joy of many gamers, especially fans of FPSs and Blizzard. It easily surpasses the giant MOBA that is League of Legends (LoL). The wonderfully designed arenas, as well as the...


Overwatch Review

Blizzard has been a huge part of the hearts of many game lovers, especially the fantasy and MMO lovers. We’ve seen it grow and add more to the collection of games we grow to...


This War Of Mine Review

In the world of games, Indie has been a category of game that has intrigued everyone. The smaller time game developers have been given the freedom and resources to create worlds and stories that...


Stardew Valley Review

This month’s theme is Play with Pixels, and so I followed the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and came across a pixel art game named Stardew Valley. A game that any fan of Harvest...