Geeky Santa Swap



Sign ups open November 15
Sign ups end November 22
Matches announced November 27
Mail packages by December 15


Jingle, jingle, jingle – it’s time for the Geeky Santa swap!

In order to sign up, please read through this page and find the sign-up form at the bottom of this page!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whichever holiday you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, it is ALWAYS a good time for presents!

How the swap works

  • When sign ups are open, fill out the form below.
  • Your match will be announced by the date above. You will receive an email from with your partner’s name and mailing address. The swap parings will be random so the person you are sending to may not be the same person who sends to you!
  • Mail out your Geeky Santa gift by the deadline above! Please keep in mind that sending a package internationally can take up to 3 weeks, and we wants packages to arrive around the end of December!

What to send in your package

We are sending Geeky Secret Santa gifts. You can send your gift anonymously or include your contact information inside. Spending should be kept to around $15. Homemade gifts are encouraged, but please do not send baked goods or anything perishable. Your package can be holiday themed but does not have to be. But, our motto is – the geekier the merrier! You will receive all the information that they fill out in the sign-up form, which includes geeky favorites, favourite colour, and animal, so you can make their Geeky Santa gift extra special!

Swap Angels

Occasionally, a swap package is lost in the mail, or someone has to drop out of the swap. To remedy this situation, we ask for iggles to volunteer to be “swap angels”! Swap angels are wonderfully kind iggles who go the extra mile and send an extra package to the person who never received theirs. Keep in mind: this is a random act of kindness and you will not receive a package in return.

Becoming a swap angel is OPTIONAL. If you would like to be an angel for this swap, click the check box on the sign up form that says you are interested. If an angel is needed, you will be contacted with more information on how to complete your assignment.

Share pictures of your swaps!

We encourage everyone to share images of their swaps! Tweet, Instagram, and Snapchat pictures of your haul to @iggleswaps / @geekgirlpenpals, and using #IGGPPC / #IggleSwaps!

The Rules

International Swappers
There will be will be an international swap option in the sign up form and I will try my best to match you with someone in your country but this may not be possible. There is a chance you may have an international partner even if you select no to international shipping. If you are 100% against shipping international then please do not sign up for this swap. If you have a country preference, please let me know.

If you mail internationally, allowing 2 weeks for package arrival is highly recommended. The sooner you get it on its way, the better!

Attention those ages 13-17, aka House Granger
People who want to sign up who are ages 13-17 (aka House Grangers): you must get permission from your parents before signing up!

Requested mailing check in
You are REQUIRED to notify us as soon as you have mailed and received your package. Use this form to do so! The check in is part of our accountability system.

Signed up, but can’t swap anymore?
If something comes up and you cannot finish this swap email me ASAP. If you do not finish this swap without letting me and your partner know, you will not be allowed to participate in the next official package swap.

Questions, concerns, complaints?
This swap is managed by the lovely Swap Prefect, Michelle! You can reach her via email. Reasons for contacting include: you never hear back from your partner, you receive an inappropriate swap, your package doesn’t arrive, you can’t complete a swap, etc. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions at all!

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