Review: What Happened to Monday (2017)


Meghan is an environmental scientist by trade but an artist at heart. She loves all things geeky/nerdy and is frequently found with less geeky friends rolling their eyes at her. She often spouts all kinds of pop culture trivia and nonsense stemming from her avid love of movies, music, art, and books. If not curled up with a book (she reads at least one a week) or comic, she can be found painting with something on a screen to distract her. She wishes she was as cool as Veronica Mars or as Kate Daniels.

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  • This looks really awesome and gives me Orphan Black feels. I can’t wait to check it out.

    • I’m going to have to check out Orphan Black now! lol. Also I know it’s a TV show isn’t it also a book/comic? Or am I thinking of something else?

      • Yes it is. There’s like three parts. Orphan Black – which has an issue for each clone and gives a little more depth to their backstory. Orphan Black: Helsinki – Huge spoilers if you haven’t watched the series but gives information about the Helsinki project in the show, and then Orphan Black Deviations – which is a spinoff of what would have happened had one of the clones lived.

  • OMG this was so good! I didn’t realize it was a movie and thought it was a series, so I was epically sad to figure out that there was no more. The could easily expand upon this universe they’ve created. I would love to know what other problems they are dealing with.

  • Arenaw

    This movie was released in France under the name “Seven sisters”, I thought it funny they used an English one while it is not the original…
    I enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed by the end. I feel the reaction of the characters are not consistant with the rest of the movie and it raises too many questions…