Tea Review & Giveaway with Plum Deluxe


Loves tea, manatees, murder mysteries, and the adorable noise her cat makes when she jumps on top of furniture.

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  • Strawberry Earl grey sounds incredible. A good cup of tea to start off a Saturday morning would be nice ♡

  • Steeniez

    Nothing is better than a cup of tea and a good book. <3

  • Mellie

    I love drinking tea soon before bed 🙂

  • Ann G

    I can drink up to three cups a day. Anytime is the perfect time for tea.

    • I’m so sad right now because I’m at work and I left my tea mug in a different room. And I’m too lazy to go get it, but I really want tea.

  • SamanthaHolloway

    I’m useless without tea in the morning, but really any time is a good time for tea! In the summer, I’ll drink two or three cups a day; in the winter, it’s more like five or six, since I apparently have no way to regulate my body temperature without it!