IGGPPCamp 2017: More on Mindfulness & Resources


This former IGGPPC staffer enjoys the finer things in life, like standing on the stage right edge of mosh pits, playing sassy video games, and hearing her name pronounced "car-uh". She's a project fiend, enjoys travel, and doodles to stay focused. DFTBA!

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  • Kim B

    This is wonderful! Thanks for putting this together for us, Nurse!

  • I had to leave the PC a couple times to tend to my kids, so it’s great to see the video and the recap post! Thanks.

  • Meike (Camper Alice)

    I love Stop Breath think I totally forgot that you can also use the browser version, that will help me a lot at work if I need to clam down. I also bought a few of the meditations that are fore sell in the app since I liked the others and wanted to try them and they are really good too. You can totally just use the free stuff, but if you want to spend a little money I think they are worth it.

    A think I also like to do is when it is rainig a decent amount I open the window and take a couple of minutes to just focus on the rain.