Her Handwriting Rocks! Letter 1


Cleric is a future famous video game designer. Cleric is a fan of anime and manga, games of all kinds (PC/video/board), and an avid writer. Classified as either a White or Red Mage. Lives in the US with their beautiful fiancèe and spoiled black cat. Likes sleeping, black teas, and shipping. A lot. Cleric is in charge of the webcomic Her Handwriting Rocks! here on IGGPP, and also the magical girl comic Those of Artemis. You can follow their adventures on Twitter @shieldofacleric or on Tumblr, also at shieldofacleric!

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  • Hehe.. this is cute!

  • Aw, poor Tally. I can relate to her self-consciousness about her handwriting, even though she doesn’t have any reason to be. Her handwriting does rock. 😀

    I love this idea for a webcomic. It’s super cute! I’m looking forward to reading more about their pen pal adventures.

  • Toffy

    Ooooh I know the pain. I always worry that my penpals won’t get my handwriting (and I still worry about it lol).
    What a cute comic! Keep them coming <3

  • I am so damn excited to see what happens next. My handwriting is HORRIBLE. I can so relate to this.


  • Mine is horrid so I can relate!