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IGGPPCamp Troops

Troop Lovegood

Welcome to Troop Lovegood! Yes, *that* Lovegood! Like our namesake, Troop Lovegood strives to celebrate the everyday heroes among us. We’re fiercely loyal to our friends, and we aren’t afraid to march to the beat of our own drum. Like Luna, we stand up for what we believe in, and despite things that may dampen our spirits we try to keep an optimistic outlook. Troop Lovegood is at the ready should anyone need help, and we’re sure to have fun while we do it!

Counsellors: Mercedes & Kim

About Mercedes aka Fireball: Oklahoma born; Oregon exploring. Mercedes is a proud member of House GlaDOS and is super excited to help out with Iggle Camp this year! A woman of many hats; she’s a rancher(who wants to see goat pictures!?), a Hufflepuff, a bit of a beer snob, and one who’s true motivation to go to the gym is to prefect her magical girl transformation sequence! Make sure to give her a follow on Twitter @Mercedes_Hardin for Geeky tweets and bad puns! Hooray for CAMP!

Top 5 geek loves: Sailor Moon, RWBY, Pokemon, YA Fantasy novels, & Cosplay
Twitter: @Mercedes_Hardin
Favorite camp song:“There’s a boy & a girl in a little canoe….”
Favorite camp food: Taco day is always the best day
Favorite camp memory: Winning the Spirit Award my last year of camp

About Kim aka Peachy:
Kim is a coffee junkie who loves arts & crafts, retro video games, and fuzzy animals. You can find her on Twitter @ThePeachMartini
or at her blog!

Top 5 geek loves: coffee, video games, Sailor Moon, 80s cartoons, books/reading
Twitter: @ThePeachMartini
Favorite camp song: God Bless My Underwear…or maybe the Salute Your Shorts theme song.
Favorite camp food: Pudgie pies!
Favorite camp memory: I’ve never been to “real” summer camp. The closest thing was marching band camp (and…no…) and we’d play EZCheez tag. Let me tell you, the bacon cheddar smell takes forever to go away after it gets in your hair!

Troop Invictus

Like our namesake from the Henley poem, we are the Unconquerable Troop. Like the captains in our favourite fandoms, we celebrate individuality, leadership, standing up for yourself, and doing what’s right. We are strong and we are brave and while we know that we cannot change the direction of the wind, we can adjust our sails. For if there weren’t rough seas we would never learn to build better ships. We may work like captains, but we play like pirates. We have fun, make friends, and may even sing a shanty or two. So it’s yo ho yo ho, it’s hey to the starboard, we boldly go, to IGGPPCamp!

Counsellors: Liana and Tracey

About Liana aka Indigo:
LianaWW is a proud member of House Organa and a brand new Texan who is still hoping to grow up – if she has to at all – to be Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks. She spends her days cooking and watching all kinds of geeky TV and her nights howling at the moon coyote-style. She shares her life with one handsome baseball- and scotch-loving geek and two very naughty cats. She thinks camp is literally the best thing that has ever happened to her.
Top 5 geek loves: Shakespeare, outer space, Doctor Who, Psych, and Supernatural
Twitter: @LianaWW
Favourite camp song: I’ve Got Sixpence
Favourite camp food: Pie iron pizza!
Favourite camp memory: Skinny dipping at midnight with all my coworkers at Girl Scout camp.

About Tracey aka Cassette:
Tracey started IGGPPC in House GlaDOS and has since graduated to House Organa! She lives in Massachusetts with her cats, who are both the most content when knocking things off her crafting table. She’s a fan of the geek trifecta: Superwholock, and most anything that takes place on a spaceship. She’s an audiobook fiend and a Batman fanatic. If she’s not working on a reading challenge or marathoning a TV show she’s outside letterboxing or looking at the moon and stars. One of her favourite hobbies is finding boardgames at thrift stores and making up new rules for them. She spent many many years as a girlscout and is so excited that she can go back to camp with the Iggles. She’s become quite obsessed with twitter so send her a tweet anytime!

Top 5 geek loves: Ernest Shakleton Loves Me, Nightwing, Mermaids, The X-Files, The Night Circus
Twitter: @traceyevidence
Favourite camp song: She sat on a Hillside (Oom, Plucky, Plucky)
Favourite camp food: Tin Foil Dinner
Favourite camp memory: At Girl Scout camp I loved that where ever we went we would walk in two lines and sing call and response songs. The best was when another group in the woods could hear us and would participate.

Troop Chimera

Troop Chimera is the all-inclusive resort of troops. Our mascot covers everything from our counsellors’ love of Greek mythology to their love of Star Wars, and will embrace your geeky loves (& selves) with open arms too! Representing some of the toughest (Percy Jackson) and some of the most cunning (Grand Admiral Thrawn) geeky heroes we know, Troop Chimera is ready to tackle any shenanigans the 4th year of camp can throw our way with style!

Counsellors: Amanda & Katherine

About Amanda aka Jinn:
Counselor Jinn is an avid Star Wars fan, with her love of Grand Admiral Thrawn topping the charts. She’s handy with survival skills and can read a map like a pro (all those years of gaming paid off!), so if you’re lost – she’s here to help! (Just don’t ask her which way is North without a compass!) She’s rumoured to be a mermaid, which means if you can’t find her around camp, you should check the lake…splash on in, even if Lifeguard Tater isn’t on duty. She (probably) won’t let you drown! She accepts shiny things as signs of affection and loves to hand them out as well. 🙂 Hop on over and say hello to her on Twitter or Instagram: @amavongeek!

Top 5 geek loves: Star Wars, Abhorsen, Tea, Books, Alice in Wonderland
Twitter: @amavongeek
Favourite camp song: The Ants Go Marching
Favourite camp food: Crispy hot dogs & roasted marshmallows!
Favourite camp memory: Ziplining into the lake with friends was always fun! Making friends that are still penpals to this day is a bonus as well!

About Katherine aka Hermes:
Katherine here, half of your Troop Chimaera counsellors! Note the spellings there, I’m the Brit! I have moved from House GlaDOS to House Organa just over a year ago, and this is my third IGGPPC camp – and my third camp ever! You can find me most places online as @klff_ (some Korean fanfiction site took my initials on Twitter so I had to add the underscore!) so if you have any questions just get in touch. I’m so excited to be a counsellor this year, and I really hope you have a great time with us in Troop Chimaera!

Top 5 geek loves: Nathan Fillion, Castle, Firefly, choral singing, and did I mention Nathan Fillion?!
Twitter: @klff_
Favourite camp song: Any song that involves singing and I’ll be there harmonizing the chorus!
Favourite camp food: Bacon (even though I don’t eat pork anymore)
Favourite camp memory: I once ‘camped’ inside a village hall with my Brownies troop, does that count?

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