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Activity Planners

So who’s planning fun things for you to do at camp? Take a gander at these wonderful talented people! They’ll be bringing their creativity, knowledge, and a healthy dose of fun to IGGPPCamp.


Joanna likes wine and blanket forts and telling stories and animals and being outside. Come hang @joannavolavka on Twitter or at

Kara AKA Buffalo

Buffalo is a Counselor Emeritus (#cacaw #mockingjay4ever) turned Camp Nurse who loves the HECK out of iggle campers, but if you need someone to hold the bucket for you while you barf up magical slugs, you’re on your own! Advice to new campers: don’t turn your back on your s’mores or your tasty treats may fall victim to a Wild Buffalo’s Chomp-and-Run. Please troll her Twitter @iggppcampnurse – she checks it frequently when she gets bored in the First Aid Cabin. DFTBA!


A 30-something year old with passions ranging from sustainability to ranking bad translations in Hollywood films. Quite partial to video games and will read anything from historical non-fiction to trashy romance. website: / twitter: @chezlagalinette

Erin AKA Twinkleshine

Slytherin, cat lover, Disnerd, Pegasister, GoT and Twin Peaks superfan + girl boss @shoppeminuette Insta: erinfj Twitter: @erinydwi.

Meike AKA Alice

Camper Alice lives in Cologne, Germany and has finally finished her law education. She gets exited about all things super hero or disney. If she is not at work or super tiered you are most likely to find her on her floor among craft supplies/sewing supplies either crafting, sewing or writing snail mail or both. Feel free to hit her up for a chat on twitter @crowlovescore or follow her on instagram itscrowlovescore.

Mathilde AKA Belette

Belette is waiting all year long for IGGPPC Summer Camp, because it’s her favourite time of the year. She loves a lot of things, including cinema and crafting, and she’s excited to share this with you! You can find her on Twitter @EiTHELEEN

Mafalda (JustCombined) AKA Dittany

Dittany here, proud Slytherin! Some of the things I love is crafts/diy’s, planners and sewing are two of my new loves! Food is in my head always! Don’t forget movies/tvshows, I love almost everything, but in my reading only romance and paranormal romance! In general, life is good! All of this with hubby and Maggie, plus my awesome iggle/internet family! You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by my user JustCombined, also I have a “small” blog.

Hélène (Arenaw) AKA Camper Billywig

Billywig here ! As you can guess from her camper’s name, she is a proud Potterhead and Hufflepuff. If you look around her, you should find books, food, sewing and crafting supplies. She can’t wait to meet all her fellow campers, for they become wonderful friends. You can find her on twitter and instagram

Jennifer Wilt AKA Sparks

Third year camper, Princess of Unicorns, ‘Smore expert, Loves quick crafts! If you like this craft be sure to check out my blog for more DIY, Recipes, Stationary, and Fandom related posts at and find me on twitter @UnicornPrincez4. I’ll probably be in the craft cabin, or helping out with the projector for watch-a-longs with Iggleflicks.

Jenny Holmquist AKA MagicCatJenny

Hello! My name is Jennifer Holmquist and I’m a creative storyteller. I love writing, crafting, cosplay, and other nerdy things. I tell the stories of my ‘geeky lifestyle’ in my blog and I run an Etsy shop for geeks, feminists, and musical theater nerds, where you can get buttons, stickers, and more. You can find me online at and

Sarah (AdventGeekGirl) Bonilla AKA JoD20

Sarah Bonilla (@Advent Geek Girl) is a sixth grade literacy teacher and runs a youth Tabletop Club. AGG is a mother, wife, foodie, and travel-enthusiast in addition to her primary geek addiction as a tabletop gamer. She geeks out over nuns, zombies, ghost hunting and all things sci-fi. Sarah hails from House Organa and is a child of the 80s. Find more about Sarah and her geek rising on her social media accounts or her blog at

Iggle Flicks Team

Regan, Kristy, Jennifer, Meike

Iggle Flicks is the place for all Iggles who love movies! Drop by each month to watch and chat about movies that have been suggested and voted upon by the community. You can also join them and your fellow Iggles on Twitter for monthly movie watch-alongs. Find them on Twitter @IggleFlicks and check out their discussion threads on the forums under Iggleflicks Activities!