Games To Put You In The Halloween Spirit

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  • Love the Haunt the House game! Scared all the people, out in about 15 minutes because apparently I’m not a very good ghost. LOL!

    • It is such a short game, but I still love re-playing it to pass time 🙂

  • pszNicx

    Missing Costume Quest, and Costume Quest 2 is out soon

  • May I suggest 7 Days to Die? It’s extremely fun, and a lot like Minecraft except very realistic. There’s also the Left 4 Dead series, Deadly Premonition (so good), ZombieU, Fatal Frame and lots of other good horror titles! I think I’ll include those on my own list. I love Halloween!

    • Yeah, I was going to make a post with just horror titles but I wanted to put in games that were closely Halloween themed 🙂 Good titles though! There are so many great horror games out there.

  • Haunt the House: Terrortown looks SO adorable! And I need cute-scary since I’m a baby and can’t handle much more haha.

  • Luigi’s Mansion has been on my wishlist forever. I need to actually buy it >.< I keep hoping the price will go down.